Because I Said So. A Study in Obedience.

Because I Said So: A Biblical Study of Obedience

A biblical study of obedience

Because I Said So.

It’s a phrase that most of us know well. Maybe your parents tossed it out as a superior command when you refused to go to bed on time. Or perhaps a teacher told you to write another paragraph, “because he said so.”

As a parent, I find the phrase rather tempting. I mean, why must I defend every single thing that I ask my kids to do? Can’t they just obey because I said so? Perhaps you can relate.

Does the phrase have any merit? Should one obey simply “because I said so?”

The answer is actually yes AND no. The Bible does call out children to obedience just because we said so, BUT if that is the only reason that we ever give them, they will miss the most important truths about real obedience.

Why should we obey?

How should we obey?

Who should we obey?

Journey together as a family as you explore what the Bible has to say about obedience through this brand new study for children. Through the lessons of many Bible heroes, you will learn to WANT to obey.

  • The 26 page study includes HOW you should obey, WHY you should obey and addresses relevant issues on the topic.
  • It’s perfect for family devotions, quiet time or homeschool Bible class!
  • There are two versions of the study. One is written for a 3rd-6th grade students to work through independently or for a family to work through together. The junior version is written for children ages 4-7 to work through with a parent.
  • It is full of scripture and references to people in the Bible who struggled with the issue of obedience.
  • Included is a bonus hymn study on the beloved hymn, Trust and Obey.
  • You’ll enjoy 3-4 weeks worth of content if you work about 25-35 minutes per day. The study is very flexible, so there’s no need to feel pressured.

Grab your copy of Because I Said So today!

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