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Relax on Schooling through the Holidays

Holidays & Homeschooling

If you’re like me, one thing you need is extra time to prepare for the holidays. Do you need to find a way to relax on schooling through the holidays as well?

In those early years of homeschooling, I made a list of all the Christmas activities, traditions and shopping I needed to do. I plopped on the couch in despair. How would I get it all done and homeschool too?

Incorporate Festivities

The mailman delivered a ray of hope. I received a public school flyer with their December schedule printed. It was overflowing with school plays, holiday concerts and parties! I let out a sigh of relief. They too were making special considerations by giving the students a lighter academic load to put the holidays first.

Before I knew it, all was calm again.  Instead of dreading the holidays, they became a source of joy and warm memories. We continued this tradition of lightening academics through the holidays for the entire time we homeschooled.

I decided to capitalize on homeschool flexibility by focusing on the core subjects of math and language. This opened the rest of the time for something more light and festive. A unit on evergreen trees, the history of ginger bread houses, chocolate or candy canes became an inspiration. Who wouldn’t want to write a report on those?

I employed my love of paper crafts and instituted the re-purposing of Christmas cards into ornaments to use and give away. (I realized the teacher needed a refreshing activity as well!)

Below are ways to benefit from the creative side of education while enjoying the holidays.

Holiday Activities

  • Study geography by drawing a map and studying international Christmas traditions. Draw in special icons or prepare special foods.
  • Do the same with states. Study how Americans celebrated Christmas in each century.
  • Bake bread – measure, count and double!
  • Prepare a care package for the military troops. Add personal handmade cards or letters. Send them early. Many times it takes up to a month to receive them
  • Write a family Christmas play.
  • Enjoy outdoor winter sports like sledding, ice skating, skiing and animal tracking.
  • Read Christmas classics and favorites aloud.
  • Be community -minded by helping distribute goods to needy families, collecting warm coats, reading to the elderly, or Christmas caroling at nursing homes.
  • Take field trips to a bakery, candy factory, pioneer museum or zoo. Many times zoos have Christmas specials like lighted train rides and decorations!
  • Sew Christmas gifts like pillows, sachets or a soft baby book or Nativity Scene

More ideas of Christmas Crafts for Children

If you’re a TTD365 member, be sure to check out this video with ideas for refreshing our homeschool and busting through those mid-semester blues.

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