How to REALLY Plan Homeschool

This spring/summer,  I walked through the conventions and spoke with Moms who wanted to know how to really plan homeschool. All of the Moms were at different walks in the journey. Some had preschoolers, some elementary and others had middle/high school children.

Regardless of where any parent or family is in this journey, there is one place everyone should begin and that is on their knees praying.

Prayer should be the first place we all begin in planning our days and years as homeschoolers. That is part of the beauty of homeschooling.

The world is full of smart people who have been to the best schools, colleges and even have been highly educated at home, but I can’t always help but ask, what is the purpose of an education if it isn’t for the eternal and best purpose of glorifying our heavenly father.

That is the chief end of man, is it not? – to glorify God.

So, for all of the parents out there worrying about knowing how their child(ren) learn(s), what curriculum is best, should they teach a foreign language, what about music, art, etc…. I have a little secret to help you end your angst.

God sees you. He created you for this moment. He created you to be the parent to the child(ren) he blessed you with and He will meet you exactly where you are.

You are not perfect. You will not do everything perfectly this year. Yes, you will miss some things, you won’t always be peaceful and calm and there will be days when you will think you are messing it all up. And honestly, you and I are just alike – we probably will mess up a few things.

There is only one who hasn’t messed up something on this planet and while He isn’t physically here with us now, He sent a helper to intercede and help us find that joy and peace that we need.

And for all of the things that we miss (completely and utterly), He will fill in those gaps.

So, remember, while you are planning your yearPRAY. Place God first. Ask yourself if your plans for your child’s education glorify God. Have you placed too much on your plate? Have you given God His proper place in educating your child. He should be first.

Start with Him.

Teach your children to pray. Teach them to read the Bible. Teach them to go to Him first. The best way to teach them this, is by letting them see you do it.

You can do this, Mom and/or Dad!

It’s a new year with beautiful promises to be fulfilled. He will never leave you, nor forsake you….

So, if you really want to know how to plan your school year, start with prayer. And then watch how beautiful your children grow for the glory of God.


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