Quick Start Guide For This New Year Of Homeschooling

‘Tis the season to head into homeschool or back to homeschool, and after countless conversations with moms,  I have come to believe there are some pretty easy things that you and I can do to make sure that we have the best school year ever.

Sometimes I find it easier to approach a huge task when I break it down into a little bit more manageable chunks, don’t you? David has often told me that “you eat an elephant one bite at a time…” (I am way too apt to approach the “elephant” of anything I am embarking on as a whole instead of as bite-sized pieces, and I get myself SOOO overwhelmed that way!)

This week, we’re going to be looking at the sometimes overwhelming task of homeschooling our children. As I approach my school year, I try to come up with a few non-negotiables for me that will help give me some parameters to my day (and the greatest chance for notable successes.) 🙂  Let’s chat about that this week– I hope that will encourage you to design your own quick start guide as well.

Check it out by clicking here.



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