Praying for our Families and our Homeschools

Testimonial from 2013 Teach Them Diligently ConventionEach year, our heart’s desire for Teach Them Diligently events has been that God would use them to stir revival in the hearts and minds of the families that attend and that through them He would do a mighty work in our land and around the world.  It is a wonder, then, that we always stand amazed when we get testimonials like the one noted to the left that actually use the world “revival” in their note.  Why is it that we have so little faith that when God clearly answers our prayers, we are astonished?  Shouldn’t we ask with great expectation that He will work? (James 1:4-6)
It is our hope that many of you will join us in praying for Teach Them Diligently this year!  We invite you to pray for your own family through the year and for the other families that will be attending the conventions and that are part of our community on Facebook and Twitter.  We invite you to pray for the speakers and vendors that will be participating in the conventions- some of them make great sacrifices to minister to homeschooling families! We invite you to pray for revival in the hearts of Christian families across the country. May God do a great work!

Included below are some links to some printables and helpful articles about praying for your homeschool, your family and more!  We hope they will be a blessing to you, and we are thankful for the godly ladies that have taken their time to provide these resources.

Resources For Praying for Your Family and For Your Homeschool

Do not be anxious for anything~