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Bringing the Bible to Life/Get Tickets for April 12th!

As a mom of three children, there is nothing more rewarding than walking alongside my kids as they grow in their relationship with Christ. Whether reading the Bible or attending church on Sundays, I’ve come to place so much value on experiences we have as a family that connect us more deeply with Scripture and […]


One Sure Way to Strengthen Your Child’s Money Skills

To build kids’ money-handling habits — better Start Young. Every parent who has passed the toddler-wrangling stage knows that kids learn by watching, and then doing—why else would we buy a lock for a toilet seat? So, when it comes to practical life skills, we’re always looking for safe ways to give our kids some […]

TTDWaco 2019 Exhibit Hall Grand Opening Celebration and Prizes

This year, we are excited to offer more dedicated shopping hours and a Grand Opening Party on Thursday night, where many of the exhibitors will be offering their best deal of the weekend for 3 hours only. You don’t want to miss it! The following is a partial list of some of the great deals you […]


How a Growth Mindset Can Dramatically Change Your Homeschool

The conversation about growth mindset versus fixed mindset is an important one for anyone involved in homeschooling a child. These concepts have become more well-known thanks to the research of Dr. Carol Dweck and her colleagues. A world-renowned Stanford University psychologist, Dr. Dweck set out to study the effect that failure has on students. Here […]

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What Parents Need To Know About Choosing A Fine Art Teacher

Many homeschool students are interested in learning more about art but don’t know where to start when it comes to finding the right teacher.  You don’t need to look hard to find many enthusiastic art teachers ranging from junior high school age and up. But, how do you find one that will give your children […]


Five Mistakes That Keep Aspiring Artists From Success

I have seen it many times! An aspiring artist, with a promising future, fails to produce what they are capable of. Why does this happen? How can someone who loves art and wants to succeed end up falling short of their potential? Why is it that some who are not naturally talented go farther than […]


The Most Important ‘Why’ in Choosing a College

Why I Chose the University of Mobile There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a college, and one of the most important is something you may not know to look for. It’s why I chose University of Mobile. University of Mobile is not your typical college. UM has deep convictions and a […]

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Current Events for Kids – Weekly Blog Recap

Enjoy this week’s roundup of selected stories from God’s World News—the unique Christian current events program for kids. Help your children learn to read age-appropriate news stories critically, to sift for the truth, and to relate knowledge and biblical wisdom to daily life.   New Gerber Baby One-year-old Kairi Yang from North Carolina is Gerber’s […]

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