New School Year

A New School Year

Oh yes, it’s that time of year. We are halfway through the current school year and already considering the new school year that is on the horizon. It’s a phenomenon I was not expecting when I began homeschooling. That phenomenon of evaluating this year’s progress and looking ahead, praying and identifying what the new school year will look like.

It can be overwhelming to be living in one moment, discerning growth over the past few months and making decisions about the year we will be entering within the next 6-9 months. Part of me wants to sit back and say “Wait, I’m just really getting a handle on this year – how can I possibly consider the year to come?” While another part of me whispers, plan now, pray now, make decisions now about that New School year so you really can enjoy it more.

Do you do the same?

Yes, I’m sure you do. I know this because it’s time for Homeschool Moms to head to retreats to refresh and rejuvenate them and then – it’s time for homeschool conventions. It’s time for planning, learning, growing and stretching our minds and bodies beyond the limits we believe they can attain.

And honestly, we are stretching them beyond what we are humanly capable of.  We are jumping buildings in single bounds, racing to catch that baby who just took their first step, changing the diaper, wiping away the crumbs from the never ending meal in our kitchen, while teaching Algebra in the dining room and basic addition in the living room, there’s art on the family room floor, diagraming sentences are dancing across pages in the foyer and then, there’s a few tears and the beauty of laughter ringing through our homes.

Yes – sweet Mom, I know. Your day begins with a dozen things on your list. And now……. a new school year is to be added to it.

And while we are stretched beyond what we can do, we are given the strength and the power to put on our super mom cape – and sit down at the feet of the one who gives us all we need to accomplish His plan for our lives.

Pray for guidance.

This year, let’s not get caught up in the lists we think we need to make. Let’s truly sit and pray over our marriage, our children and give God’s sweet, quiet voice a chance to penetrate the noise around us. It’s there, beckoning us. Through prayer, He will speak to us and guide our path.

Seek His Plan

It’s easy to sit, pray and beg God to do our will. Truly, we need to pray for His Plan to become our plan. He knows what is best for us. In Jeremiah 29:11, He says ‘ I know the plans I have for you.” Yes, He does and let’s not lose sight of the fact that when He said this, He was sending His people into exile – yet He promised good for them.

When we face days that seem like ones placed in exile, do we really sit and ponder that this is part of His plan to make disciples of all nations or do we merely think we are being treated harshly by our Heavenly Father who loves us beyond reason?

Trust Him

He has not promised us a life of ease, but He has promised us a yoke that is easy to carry – when He is with us. But, we must be with Him. We must trust Him. We must know that His plans are far better than ours, and He hears our prayers.

Some days are beautiful and full of excitement. Others are extremely hard and take us through difficulties we never imagined. But, God – yes, BUT GOD – is there with us, His son with His arms open wide…..

Let’s join hands and begin this new school year by:

  • Praying
  • Planning (His plan)
  • Trusting in Him

Will you join me?