Making Time For Renewal

Homeschooling has been hard for me.  So hard that I’ve wanted to quit. Many times.

But, God’s grace is sufficient. By His grace, He has given me the determination and peace that my heart needs to keep going. That doesn’t mean He has made the path easy for me, though, ya know?

I shared recently on my blog that most days I don’t even enjoy homeschooling. Gasp! Is that allowed? I admitted how hard it has been and that most days by the end of the day, I’m ready for my husband to come home and save me. {In fact, there is an entire series on getting REAL about homeschooling called Real Life Homeschooling if you’d like to take a peek or even contribute!}

I wanted to share a few ways that God has refreshed my heart and given me the encouragement & renewal I need to keep going…I know He can do it for you, too!

When I’m feeling burned out and in desperate need of renewal in my own heart, here are ways that God has helped me to keep on keeping on. It’s funny…they all revolve around TIME. How we spend our time is so important, isn’t it?

TIME with the Father. Truly, this goes without saying. But, how many times do we wake up rushed, exhausted, already running late…and we neglect that time with Him. I’m not one of those that is a staunch advocate for your time with God being in the morning. Sometimes, it’s the middle of the day and I just sneak off for a few minutes to pray or read a Psalm. ANY time we can carve out for God is worth it…His Word will not return void! That sufficient grace from 2 Corinthians?? So many times that sustaining grace comes from a few minutes spent clinging to His Word in the desperate moments.

TIME away. When God blessed me with the opportunity in May to attend Teach Them Diligently in Nashville, I was at a low point in my mothering & homeschooling world. I was ready to give up but didn’t feel like God was giving me permission to do that yet. 🙂 I wasn’t even planning on attending TTD, but God knew I needed it so desperately! And He was right. I came away with such encouragement from the awesome sessions and was inspired & renewed once again to keep up this crazy homeschooling life.

TIME with friends. {or those who make you laugh!} This one isn’t particularly easy for me. I’m an introvert. Generally speaking, I’m an insecure introvert. Double whammy. 🙂 But, when I am intentional about making time to spend with a girlfriend, I always, ALWAYS come away feeling better. It’s even better if this friend can make you laugh. I haven’t always had people available to keep my kids on a regular basis, so it’s hard sometimes to just make a plan to meet with someone – but if you can find a way, I recommend that you do this on a regular basis. Even once a month. For the past few months I have met with a friend and we’ve ever walked together, eaten lunch together or just chatted after church…but her encouragement means the world to me. We were made for relationships, ya’ll. Call that friend (or email, if you’re phone phobic like me) and make  plans to have lunch together next week!!

TIME with your husband. This may be another one that is hard to come by. But, sometimes, as homeschooling moms, we forget that our marriage came first and should STILL come first. My husband and I don’t take regularly schedule date nights, but we do have parents that will offer from time to time for us to go out on a date…and we always take them up on it when the offer is there. 🙂 Even just a cheap dinner out {alone} can do wonders for your MARRIAGE and for your own SOUL. We have to take that time to reconnect with each other…because the good Lord knows it rarely happens in the CHAOS of this crazy homeschooling life. 🙂 grin.

I want to encourage you, friends, that His grace truly is sufficient. I’m so very thankful that His power is made perfect in weakness. My weakness. We can even BOAST in those weaknesses, according to God’s Word, because in them the power of Christ is shown and He is glorified! I’m so thankful that I don’t have to muster up the strength or find it in myself. His grace truly is sufficient.

Candace is just a messed up mama in need of God’s fresh, new mercies daily. She blogs at His Mercy is New regularly about faith, homeschooling, good books and more! She and her husband live in beautiful East TN with their 3 children. 

“Whom have I in heaven but you? Earth has nothing I desire besides You.
My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart,
and my portion forever.” Psalm 73:25-26
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