Looking Back– Teach Them Diligently Beginnings

A Sentimental Remembrance of The History of Teach Them Diligently

History of Teach Them Diligently

As I was having my devotions this morning, I came across a note in my Bible taking me right back to 2012 and the first ever Teach Them Diligently Convention. My heart rejoiced, and I couldn’t refrain from smiling (and perhaps shedding a tear or two) as I remembered in an instant the faces, laughter, tears, and amazing fellowship that flooded my mind and took me back to that crowded venue in Spartanburg, SC.  I was struck by the number of testimonials we received saying how their families were forever changed by attending the event. I was humbled as I recalled that it came together at all, and I was reminded once again that Teach Them Diligently like everything else in our lives is God’s and God’s alone.

A Little History and Background

Most of you don’t know our family, nor do you know the history of the events that we produce. It’s a pretty remarkable tale, actually!

For several years, David (my amazing husband) had acted as volunteer president of a mission agency dedicated to promoting, preparing and placing self-supporting witnesses worldwide. The  name of that agency is Worldwide Tentmakers. In late 2010 and early 2011, we had felt deeply convicted that it was time for us to make a giant leap into leading the mission full-time. He tendered his resignation from a large sports marketing company to be effective April 1, 2011. Because the mission he leads promotes a self-supporting missions model, we believed firmly that we needed to start a business to support our family and the mission work God had called us to do and to use that business not only to support the mission, but also as a conduit to get the gospel to as many as we could reach.

We could have never imagined what God had in mind for that business!  About the same time as David was finishing up his work, God impressed on our hearts to start Teach Them Diligently. To say we didn’t know what we were doing is a great understatement. In God’s perfect providence, we had only been homeschooling 1 year when we started working on TTD. We knew very little about the players in the homeschool market– or even how to homeschool, quite frankly. We were novices.

What we did know was that God had burdened our hearts for homeschool families, and He had already put in our hands all the skills and experiences we would ultimately need to produce an event with His help .

I will never forget the first vendor that registered for Teach Them Diligently, nor will I ever forget the first family registration that came in– in JULY, no less! Their names have become woven in the tapestry of remembering God’s work in our lives. In my mind’s eye, I can still see David and I sitting on our sofa, refreshing the Facebook feed over and over watching for it to turn over to 100 likes. We could not believe anyone was watching at all, and we high-fived and cheered as that 100th person said they wanted to be engaged in what we were doing.

TTD Collage
Here you can see the Junior Team as they looked at the first Teach Them Diligently as compared to now. They have grown from junior servants to important members of the TTD Team. Without the hard work they put in, Teach Them Diligently events would not run nearly as smoothly.

Throughout that first season, we got to “know” our families, so that by the time we all arrived onsite, it was like a huge family reunion. There were cheers, tears, laughter and great fellowship throughout the halls. It. Was. Awesome!! God brought together about 1,500 families from 38 different states and 4 different countries to that event in Spartanburg, SC. We stood amazed!

We continue to stand in awe of His mighty work. The last several years of serving through Teach Them Diligently have brought incredible joy and victories, but they have also brought many tears and heartaches. We have made mistakes– big mistakes– but God has always been faithful to forgive and restore us. He has continued to reach families, and He has stirred revival and exposed them to life-changing truths at the events He has allowed us to produce.

There have been many– countless, really– times when we wanted to give up. But He has always sustained us and given us the grace to take the next step. Again, we stand amazed that He would take such great care of us.

Through the years, God has drawn thousands and thousands of families to Teach Them Diligently events, and we have been able to be eye-witnesses to His great work of restoration and revival, encouragement and equipping. He has filled the hearts of many so much that they have felt compelled to send us hundreds and hundreds of notes telling us what God has done. We read them all the time, and God uses those notes in mighty ways when we are discouraged. (Please keep them coming!)

TTD2017 preparation is in full bloom. We downloaded a list of families that have already registered, so we can begin praying for each of you by name. We will continue to do that through the months leading up to the events. We are getting to “know” you better through social media, blogs, newsletters, and emails, and we are eagerly awaiting the next time we are all together. There is really nothing like hearing a venue thoroughly alive with the sounds of God’s people enjoying being together. I believe it’s a little taste of heaven here on earth.

Won’t you make your plans to join us next year? I am deeply convinced that it will be one of the best investments you will ever make in your family. If you have any questions about where we have come from or where we are going with Teach Them Diligently, never hesitate to ask in the comments below or by sending me an email to [email protected]. I look forward to getting to know you too!! 🙂

Please scroll down to the comments and leave a note if Teach Them Diligently has blessed your family in the past, or if you are looking forward to attending in the future. The very best way to describe a Teach Them Diligently event is through the words of those who have attended.

I can very sincerely say our family loves yours, and we cannot wait to see you all again very soon!