Is Homeschooling Right for you

Homeschooling has gained huge popularity in the last several years; however, you might still be wondering, “is homeschooling right for me?”

Homeschooling (also spelled home schooling), or home education has definitely become an option for parents who realize there are more choices for their children, as they get closer to school age. Although no easy task, homeschooling has many advantages over traditional academic choices. So let’s consider what they are and whether homeschooling is right for you.

Homeschooling is right for you if:

1) You don’t mind being with your children all day. Yes, this might be scary at first, but if the desire to educate them and influence them for good is stronger than your fear or comfort zone, then homeschooling is definitely for you.

2) You are willing to learn. I thought I was the teacher, but a few years into it, I realized I was the one doing the most learning. I realized homeschooling gave me a second chance to the education I never had. Learning actually became so fun (confession- I think I had more fun than my kids, lol)! So, if you are ready to take control of your own education, then homeschooling is definitely for you.

3) You are willing to be different. Though more popular, homeschoolers are still considered a great minority. This means you will encounter some strange looks from family, friends, and others. They will question why you are making this decision and if you are qualified to actually teach your children. If you don’t mind going against the flow, then homeschooling is definitely for you.

4) You can’t imagine your children being exposed to the environment in a regular school setting. I am not naive…I realize they will unfortunately learn bad things sooner or later. But, I would rather those things be LATER, when my children have matured enough to understand right from wrong. I appreciate the privilege to speak to them about s*x, love, and “life’s” issues…I don’t want another person or immature child sharing inappropriate material with my children.So, if you want to protect your child from inappropriate topics, then homeschooling is definitely for you.

5) You fully accept responsibility for your child’s education. No matter what philosophy of home education you choose (if you choose to homeschool), a parent must understand he/she is in charge of the child’s education. When a parent sends a child to school, the parent is still in charge. He has actually chosen to delegate some of the academic education, but some education still continues at home. Homeschooling is definitely for you if you accept the responsibility of your child’s education.

6) You are willing to sacrifice some things in order to homeschool. Many professional moms have given up their career and income in order to home educate. In fact, many of them have had to “put off” their own dreams for a while, at least until they get a hold of what they are doing. Personally, this process of “dying to self” has been so good for me. It has made me a better person. I have learned to wait on God’s time and His priorities for my life. I am more patient for sure!!! If you can die to yourself for a season, to receive eternal rewards, then homeschooling is definitely right for you!

7) You like to grow in character. Homeschooling, and the life that goes with it, will test your character unlike anything else. Imagine a day where you wake up feeling sick, a child throws up, the dog poops in the living room, you are nursing six times a day, you have to do laundry and make three meals, the kids are fighting and you have to go buy groceries. These kind of days are not foreign to homeschool moms…notice I didn’t even say “do school.” You will be tested in all areas. If you like to be in control, most likely you’ll lose it. (Actually, I do know moms who are still in control, but their kids are miserable). You have to “go” with the flow sometimes. Yes, there is routine and schedules, but there are just those days…However,  I can assure you they get better and YOU GET BETTER. You grow and learn in character. If you like this challenge, then homeschooling is definitely right for you!

Ultimately, the decision has to be guided “from above.” Even if you think it’s a good idea, but it’s not a calling, then you’ll quit. It’s just that simple. You must determine not if you have what it takes, but if God has called you. If He has, then He’ll give you what it takes…day by day and hour by hour. You will rely on Him for so many things. It will be a wonderful journey. If it counts for anything, I have never met a person who was sorry they homeschooled (I am sure they are out there) and I have met THOUSANDS of women at homeschool conventions across the country. I wish you the best in this journey!

BTW, if you think of another “Homeschooling is right for you if…” then write it down in the comments below. I am sure others will greatly appreciate it!

Originally published by Shirley Solis.  Re-published with her permission and approval.