I Raised My White Flag

Fort Pulaski, Georgia

On a recent visit to Savannah, Georgia, I visited Fort Pulaski National Monument. During a short introductory video, I learned of a crucial attack held at the Fort. Confederate soldiers were holding their place and were defending the Fort, meanwhile the Union Army had advanced silently at night and prepared to siege the Fort with a strategic attack, using new weaponry- the rifle cannon.

After holding the Fort, yet not being prepared for the surprise attack, nor the weaponry being used, the reluctant Colonel Olmstead surrendered the Fort in order to save the lives of the men. This decision was based on the fact that the Fort had been breached on one corner and the additional cannonballs shot were within close distance to additional powder being stored inside the Fort. With this said, Colonel Olmstead issued the order to raise the white flag of surrender. He decided to save the lives of the men fighting with him, by surrendering instead. Surrendering didn’t make him a loser. On the contrary, he fought with dignity until he knew it was better to protect the lives of men, rather than to let his pride get in the way.

During the narration, the Holy Spirit moved something in my heart. Inside me arose the questions of “What is the white flag of surrender?” and “Have I raised my white flag?” There are several battles going on. One is within me- my will/my flesh and what God wants for me. The larger battle is that of Good and Evil, and it cannot be fought, with me on Good’s side, until I have surrendered the white flag in my own heart battle.

My heart was moved and God asked me, “Will you surrender your heart? Will you raise the white flag, surrendering to Me?” At that moment, I imagined myself giving up, realizing I can’t fight the greater battle on my own. I have the potential of losing my life, much like the Confederate soldiers had the potential of losing theirs. The cannonballs are falling too close to the gun powder. I am guilty of all my sin.  Hence, I surrender what I want. I surrender my dreams, my goals and ask instead to fight the Greater fight. I want to be on God’s side, because He is on mine. I surrender so I can save my life. My life then becomes His to use for the Greater battle.

Life is often about raising the white flag and surrendering. This is one of those circumstances where giving up is a good thing. Giving up actually makes us a winner, rather than a loser. I guess giving up is about who you are giving up to or against. If you give up your life to God, He gives you a bigger, better life. If you give up your life to Satan, he takes it and gives you nothing but misery back. If you give up your dreams to God, He gives you larger dreams, beyond what you can imagine. If you give your dreams to Satan, he not only takes your dreams, but gives you nightmares.

Surrendering and raising the white flag to God makes you a winner. Surrender! Surrender! Surrender! Don’t fight against Him who wants to give you LIFE! Let Him take over and give you blessings beyond what you could imagine. Let Him fix your fort and fight for you. Surrender…it’s worth it!

Shirley Solis has traveled the country for the last six years with her family business, Lifetime Books and Gifts, catering to the needs of homeschooling families as she shares her heart on life and educational issues.  She will be speaking several times at Teach Them Diligently Convention in March.