How To Homeschool When Life Throws a Curveball {Link Up}

how to homeshool when life throws you a curve ball

Homeschooling is an amazing way to educate and disciple our children. It becomes a way of living that blesses our families from sun up to sun down – 365 days every year.

It is not easy, nor is it hard. It’s a beautiful life filled with moments of growth and surrender when lived for the one who created all. It’s in this life that we face the joys and sorrows that His very son faced while He walked with sandal’d feet, made the blind man see, and shared his truth and love with the woman at the well.

His life is one that we can look at and truly witness the beauty of a life that faced trials and yet submitted to the love, grace and mercy of the Father.

Our lives, Mom and Dads, can shine bright in a dark world. Our homes are the center of our children’s lives and daily, we are pouring into them the truth of the Father and teaching them for His glory, not ours.

That, however, does not guarantee a life without trials.  Each day, we all face something – a moment, an hour, a day – to feel the impact of sin that touched the earth 6,000 years ago. That sin that manifested it’s self and as the fruit fell, our own lives fell from grace.

It’s not an easy thing to face – this sin that we all bear upon our backs. But, when that sin is lifted by the grace and mercy of Christ, it’s a burden that He shifts from us – to Him. And now, how do we do that during days when life throws a curveball and all around us, things may be falling apart due to our sin or the sins of others. We may even be impacted due to finances, weather, illness or some other problem that just rocks our family’s to their core.

Our Faith through Christ, prayers, meditating upon God’s word and seeking fellowship with others can truly help us to get up in the morning and know that God’s will – will be done when life throws a curveball.  Leaning into Christ and truly knowing He will carry us through – is how we – sweet Christian can face those moments, hours and day -knowing He is our Savior!

Today, we are joining with many of our friends – sharing with you how to homeschool when life throws a curveball. We want to know your thoughts – your prayers  – how you homeschool when life throws a curveball.