Homeschooling in the Summer

We are not a year round homeschooling family. We actually follow the traditional school schedule for the most part, since my daughter engages in at least 2-3 outside classes each year. For the sake of the teachers being able to have a schedule, most of the time those classes will follow the August through May calendar as well.

Having said that, I would like to point out that we never stop “fun learning”, even during those hot summer months. We also keep math and piano on a relaxed schedule, as my daughter is still young enough that if we completely stop either of those things, she will not retain as much as I need her to.

But the best part of homeschooling in the summer is the stuff that kiddos and families do not even consider education of any kind. It’s learning disguised as fun! And I have 50 ways for you to do a little fun learning of your own!

1. Visit a state park and take a ranger tour.

2. Go to a national park, complete the Jr. Ranger program, and earn a cool badge to show off what you learned.

3. Take swim lessons. If the kids already know how to swim, sign up for a swim team or a water polo club.

4. Visit an art museum, and then try to replicate your favorite piece at home.

5. Study the science behind bubbles, then spend the afternoon blowing them.

6. Join the summer book club at your local library.

7. Visit a historic home, and then find out why it was important to your area.

8. Go fishing.

9. Talk to the local wildlife conservation office about ways you can help.

10. Attend a 4-H summer camp. https://www.4-h.org/get-involved/find-4-h-clubs-camps-programs/

11. Start a nature collection.

12. Take a night walk.

13. Map the stages of the moon.

14. Visit an arboretum.

15. Visit your local zoo, children’s museum, or science center.

16. Uses Road Trippers to help you find additional “field trips” in your area. https://roadtrippers.com/

17. Be a part of a scientific study… join a Citizen Science project for birds, amphibians, fireflies, monarchs, and other backyard wildlife.

18. Study fish, and then visit a fish hatchery.

19. Canoe down a stream.

20. Find a letterbox or geocache.

21. Take cooking classes.

22. Plant a garden.

23. Celebrate a day of being silly.

24. Attend a play in the park.

25. Explore your state’s capital (or your county’s local courthouse/archives if the capital is too far away).

26. Write a letter to your grandparents.

27. Make a family tree.

28. Make homemade ice cream.

29. Visit a Farmer’s Market and talk to the employees about how they care for the crops.

30. Plan a picnic and let your kiddos do all the food prep.

31. Write, cast and produce a play with your family and friends.

32. Run a lemonade stand.

33. Sign up for a VBS program (or two or three).

34. Make a sidewalk chalk masterpiece.

35. Have a family scavenger hunt.

36. Engage in a water balloon fight.

37. Hit up the local putt-putt.

38. Open a savings account for your kiddos and have them put together a pretend budget, complete with their choice of occupation.

39. Take a trip to the bowling alley. Have your kids use their math skills to keep score.

40. Indulge in many of the educational series and films that Netflix has to offer on a rainy day with some popcorn.

41. Pick some berries and make homemade jam.

42. Learn about the beautiful night constellations.

43. Build a butterfly feeder.

44. Make homemade puppets and put on a show.

45. Break out the board games that you don’t always get to during the school year.

46. Paint garden stones and use them for a color matching/basic arithmetic game.

47. Play hopscotch on the driveway.

48. Put shaving cream in your play pool.

49. Work on badges for Keepers/Contenders of the Faith, American Heritage Girls or Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts.

50. And keep a Summer Fun Schooling journal to record all your crazy awesome activities!

As you can see, there are many ways to keep your kiddos mind going during the summer while having a great time and making lots of memories!

I know I just scratched the surface, so I would love to hear what you think I left out! What do YOU love to do in your homeschool during the summer?