Happy Mother’s Day Prayer Journal

Mothers Day Prayer Journal

Mothers Day Prayer Journal

Mother’s Day is a beautiful day filled with many wonderful blessings. It’s a day when Mothers are given special recognition for the many ways they bless their family during the year.

This year, it is my prayer that every Mother will take time to sit, read their Bible, meditate on the words and pray. To help you with that, I have created a prayer journal that will encourage you through the various circumstances you encounter, as a Mother and help you strengthen your knees.

What a beautiful blessing to be called Mother! How beautiful the ability to have life grow within our bodies, or to hold a babe in our arms possibly placed there by another who needed another Mother to take her place.

Whether we become mothers through birth, adoption, foster care of the loss of another mother, it is a blessing. There are many whose arms ache to hold a baby and there are many whose arms are empty due to the loss of a child.

This Mother’s Day, take a moment to enjoy the blessings bestowed upon you. The day may not be perfect, there may be tears, arguments, dirty hands or disobedience, but in those moments you have the ability and the grace to share God’s mercy and discipleship to your children. Hold onto these moments. While they may be exhausting, they are part of God’s gift to each Mom. They are opportunities to share His love and most of all, the full gospel.

Today, take time to relish in the beauty of the big things and the little things. Each and every moment is a gift. One moment is not more important than another, but our reaction, our desire to share Christ will shine through and you, you sweet Mother are Super Mom! You get up early, prepare meals and teach your children.

You walk against the grain of society. But, you walk in the refuge of your savior.

And you find your strength and peace in the Heavenly Father and we take this moment and this day – at Teach Them Diligently to Honor YOU!

Happy Mother’s Day sweet one! YOU are a blessing!

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