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God Made Me Special

Little hearts can be easily hurt. Maybe your little one had a bad day at church, or a tough day with school, or a bad night’s sleep that made them cranky. Maybe your child feels neglected with a new baby in the house. There are plenty of things that can make a little heart hurt and not feel special. And when they don’t feel special, often those same little hearts can lash out with bad behavior, ugly words, or not-too-gentle hands. Here are some ways to help your preschooler understand how much God loves them and how special they are.

How to help your preschooler understand they are special

  • Helping instill a sense of worth and value in your preschooler early on will give them a frame of reference for when you remind them of how special they are. Use Bible stories like Joseph, Esther, Daniel, and John the Baptist to show them that God gives us all unique and special gifts.
  • Find sweet stories to help reinforce good behavior. We love the VeggieTales Values to Grow By series.
  • Help them learn to thank God for their special gifts. Check out Dear God, Thanks for Making Me Special for some helpful ideas that are preschool age appropriate.
  • Pick out memory verses to begin building a treasure in their hearts that will give them the confidence of knowing God loves them and made them special. Psalm 139:14, Matthew 6:26, Luke 12:6-7, and Job 33:4 are just a few.
  • Incorporate praise of their special gifts into your daily conversation. Is your child an artist, a cheerful chore doer, or a big helper with the baby that day? Let them know and remind them that God gives us all special ways to serve Him and each other and thank them for letting God use them in that way.
  • When they mess up, show them lots of grace. If your child needs some special time then try to make it happen. Spend some alone time doing something with your little one to help refill their cup. Often, this is more than enough to fix behavior issues. They just need to be reminded that they are special to you, too.

Here is a printable tracing sheet of Psalm 139:14 to use with your preschooler.Psalm 139 handwriting sheetPsalm 139 handwriting sheetPsalm 139 handwriting sheetPsalm 139 handwriting sheet printable Psalm 139 handwriting sheet

And sometimes mamas, friends,  or older children need a little reminder about how special they are. Here are some printable note cards for you to use, mom! Write a note to someone who needs a little encouragement.

Notecards Fearfully made printable

What are some ways you help teach your preschoolers about how God made them?

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