Go For The Gold

For the past couple of weeks, news from the Sochi Olympics has filled the air. We’ve cheered with the winners and cried with those who didn’t do so well. Maybe we did a unit study on the history of the Olympics, crafting paper laurel wreaths and attempting to write a few Greek letters. Perhaps we studied Russian culture instead, learning some Russian words and testing out our borscht-making skills.  Or maybe we talked about what it means to be a champion. The truth is that if we dug very far into the lives of any of the Olympic athletes, we’d find all kinds of people who helped them reach their competitive goals. Parents, spouses, coaches, teammates, and more all partnered with them from first faltering steps, skates, spins, or runs all the way to the Sochi finish line and—for a few—the medal platform.

Partner with us- Let’s Go For The Gold Together

The Shelby Kennedy Foundation needs partners like this, people who will stand behind us all the way to the finish line. But in this case, the goal is not a gold medal, but true family discipleship. And the finish line looks a lot like a well-run, God-honoring local Bible Bee.
We’re seeking hosts for local competitions held throughout the country on the last Saturday in August. We need people who share our vision for helping parents disciple their children and will help extend that passion into their churches and communities. We need people who care deeply about God’s Word and about people and want to put the two together in a fun, challenging, and inspiring way. If that sounds like you (or someone you know), keep reading.
To assist you in praying about this possibility, here are comments from a few of our 2013 local hosts.

Sue told us, “Our local bee was filled with the sweet presence of the Lord . . . what more could we ask for? As years pass, it becomes easier to host, as more are catching the vision. . . . Indeed, this whole venture has been a great blessing for all involved.”

Janelle, another local host, shared, “God was so good to provide us with such a huge mega-church to have it in, even though at first we were reluctant to do it there. Plus some of our families who go there are pushing to get more support from the church leadership for next year, as the church has recently been focusing a lot on Scripture memorization and discipleship. Isn’t that amazing? As you can tell, we’re just overflowing with praise over here!”

When you agree to host, we don’t leave you to go it alone. We’re partners, remember? Our registration fee (which your church or Christian school may agree to pay) covers all of the resources needed; How-tos and step-by-step processes; promotional and training videos; telephone and online support; testing and award materials; and weekly Encourager emails.
The rewards for this partnership don’t come in the form of gold, silver, or bronze. Instead, they carry a much more lasting value.

Read what another 2013 host had to say:

[The father of two of the children in our local Bee] is in jail and has been for quite some time. Mom does not come to church. Grandma started coming with the kids after [one of the children] accepted Christ. Mom recently friended me on Facebook, and she came to our award ceremony last night. [This family] is a picture of a family being changed through Christ. It is very exciting to me. It takes time. They are very hyper little children. But I love them. Anyway, I thought you would like to see the other side of the Bible Bee. These two will not go to Nationals. But six memory passages marks a life changed. 

Shelby Kennedy FoundationWill you consider partnering with us to change lives through the power of God’s Word? Check out the hosting link here, and learn more about the Bible Bee at our homepage. We’d love to have your help as we promote true family discipleship through in-depth study of God’s Word, Scripture memorization, and prayer.
Let’s go for the gold—together.

Shelby Kenned Foundation