Having Fun While Getting the Point Across

This is a guest post from Jay Schabacker Teach them Diligently Speaker and author of Purposeful Design – Understanding the Creation.

Moms (and teachers) have the goal of getting their point across to their children and students in the most direct – and enjoyable way. And, success is when the student follows you with rapt attention – and gets the point!


Not easy, but I have gone through the progression of first using the written word; then the written word accompanied with illustrations; and then actual show & tell – the most fun for me – and for the children. The concept and the lesson is best learned by the use of the show & tell. Try it some time.

For instance, as in my informative book, “Purposeful Design – Understanding the Creation”, you can help your child or class get a lot from the text and illustrations such as in my page 34 from the book showing The Cause of Climate in Washington, D.C. But, you’ll have more fun and the kids will learn more by going one step further and employing show & tell.


As in the second photo, I am working the scene for the students show & tell style. It really gets the point across in so many ways!

The kids love it! Try this kind of teaching yourself. It will be fun for you and the kids!

And, drop in to my “Purposeful Design” Teach Them Diligently workshop and catch a glimpse of yours truly in the show & tell fun.