Faithfulness, Truth, Opposition and Homeschooling

By Alan Scholl, Freedom Project Education

Our family began homeschooling nearly thirty years ago, based on three specific motivational factors.

The first was a deep concern about the nature of public instruction, based on negative peer influence and false instruction we had experienced in the public schools ourselves. This was reinforced by the apparent untruths and anti-Biblical propaganda we saw in our oldest daughter’s early public school experiences.

The second was a good deal of encouragement from our Pastor, and other Godly friends and mentors to consider alternatives for the emotional, and spiritual wellbeing of our growing family.

The third was a strong sense of national heritage, national history, and the unique foundation of Biblical truth and Christian character that composed the foundation that America has exhibited in the world.

Faithfulness, Truth, Opposition and Homeschooling- Freedom Project Education

We faced opposition from friends, neighbors, and family.  We were hammered on supposed shortcomings of homeschooling in “socialization” and the supposed “expert training” of public school teachers and staff.

Being frail, fallible, and somewhat gullible human beings new in our faith and accustomed only to the relatively new American “norm” of government education, it was a difficult time.

We agonized and discussed, argued and debated, listened and studied.

But in the end, it was the simple, strong desire for the pursuit of truth… Biblical, historical, scientific (creation vs dubious Darwinism) that won the day, and led us forward to the best decision we have ever made for our seven children.

There are few things we can do that have more importance than the pursuit of fact and truth.

One of my favorite quotes is the statement by founding father John Adams, regarding his participation in the defense of the British soldiers involved in the “Boston Massacre.”

British soldiers posted in Boston to enforce the Townshend Acts were involved in a shooting, when a mob had threatened them.
The event began late on March 5, 1770, when an angry merchant engaged a lone sentry in front of the Customs House.

This quickly developed into a substantial angry mob of people throwing chunks of ice, as well as pieces of coal, and rocks at the soldiers who joined the sentry when an alarm was sounded. A soldier went down, when a member of the mob hit him with wooden club thrown from a distance.

Witnesses stated that someone in the crowd foolishly yelled: “Fire!”  Five Boston citizens were killed.
John Adams, was then an attorney from a suburb of Boston, and he agreed to lead the defense. He was seriously risking his reputation, but was a firm believer in truth.

Adams and others revealed the truth through facts and testimony. Captain Preston, the commander, was tried separately first, and found innocent.
The soldiers were tried later, and in their defense, Adams stated:

“Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence; nor is the law less stable than the fact…”

Three soldiers were acquitted. Two were convicted of manslaughter, rather than murder, since their concern for their safety and lack of intent were factors. There was testimony that they had fired into the crowd rather than above their heads.

John Adams work in defending British soldiers hurt his business. Over time, his fellow patriots and citizens came to respect him for his pursuit of truth.
Samuel Adams
Benjamin Franklin wrote his own epitaph:
Like the cover of an old book,
Its contents torn out,
And stripped of its lettering and gilding
Lies here, food for worms;
Yet the work itself shall not be lost,
For it will (as he believed) appear once more,
In a new,
And more beautiful edition,
Corrected and amended
By the AUTHOR”

Were I that clever, I would write something this pithy and self-effacing, referencing my faith on my headstone, a fitting place for posterity.

When we pass from this earth, few of our accomplishments will recommend us more highly than that we pursued the truth with vigor.

For someone with as few accomplishments as I, being self-effacing is perhaps easy, oxymoronic in fact, as there is little to minimize. The one thing I think I would – and deserve to – claim as an epitaph is that I’ve spent much of my life trying to do right, to tell the truth, once found.

I’ve often failed, but I do keep striving to improve, and to stay that course. In life, faith, political and working ethics, and conduct, I often feel I fall far short, but through the grace of God,  I have the conviction to try.

So many people today, even Christians, are quite ready to shoot the messenger, when the message is not to their liking, or may cause them discomfort or expense. I’ve often had these responses from people close to me when I introduce the benefits of home, Christian school, and other alternative education methods, even from Christians whose children are at risk.
Freedom Project Education
But we must deliver the message of truth regardless of that possibility. Defend the truth and those who carry it.

Don’t let them shoot the messenger.

Alan Scholl, Freedom Project Education


Alan J. Scholl holds a Masters in Business Administration, and serves as Executive Director of FreedomProject Education, a virtual  pro-American, constitutionalist, pro-second amendment educational alternative for Kindergarten through 12th grade,  and the fastest growing private school in Wisconsin.  Mr. Scholl is a frequent conservative journalist, speaker, and has appeared before hundreds of conferences and gatherings, including four national tours, on topics like American Heritage, History, the Constitution, and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, He appears in over 50 popular videos on the web. 


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