Color By Letter- A Free Alphabet Printable

FREE Color by Letter Alphabet Pack

Knowing letters and letter sounds is one of the foundations for learning to read and write. Sometimes kids learn these rather easily, almost teaching themselves. Others struggle to get the basics figured out. One thing is for sure: God has wired us all very differently. Amen?

Color by Letter - a free alphabet pack - Teach Them Diligently

Today, I am sharing a FREE Color by Letter Alphabet Pack as a fun way to explore and learn the alphabet. My two preschoolers have already enjoyed these immensely and it received 4 thumbs up! Included in the pack are 6 summer-themed coloring pages that come in a variety: upper case, lower case, color and black/white.

Do you have a child just learning her letters?  Maybe all she knows is upper case. She can try an upper case page with the color words in color. If you have an older child (like my 5.5 year old son) who loves to color, print off the lower case pages containing color words, written in black and white, so he has to read the words in order to color in the picture.

Adapting alphabet pack coloring sheets for younger kids

If you want to save on colored ink, print off the black and white copies, then use a crayon to color match the color words for your child, like you see in the photo above.

As you can see, there is a lot of room with this pack for children on multiple levels…an added bonus if you teach kids around the same age, as I do.


Download this FREE Color by Letter Alphabet Pack HERE!


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