For When You’re Running Out of Steam

It’s that time of year. The weather is changing from cold, nippy and rainy, to sunny, warm and inviting. The kids are finally over their winter and spring colds, getting antsy, cabin fever setting in. You hear it – the call of the wild, fresh air, beckoning you outdoors. But staring you in the face are the unfinished workbooks, half-read textbooks, and scribbled over schedules. You sigh. Head in hands, kids whirling in circles, arguing over the last carrot stick. Baby yelling on her play mat as she shoves both fists in her mouth to soothe her aching gums. The dishes piled high on the counter and the ants finishing off the crumbs on the floor. It’s too much to handle.

On your own, you can’t do it. By yourself, you cannot survive. The days run together and the hours flash by. Breathe in, breathe out. You rise up from the table, determined to deal with the chaos, only to drop back to the chair in exhaustion and despair.

I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come? (Psalm 121:1)

Though it may seem as though you are the ONLY person struggling with the finish line, you are not alone. Though Facebook may proclaim the victories of Sally finishing 2nd grade early, Tommy completing yet ANOTHER great milestone, and Laura’s newest Pinterest project (while you just try to get through math and wash the dishes) you don’t know everything that’s going on behind the scenes. You don’t know their struggles and the difficulties and trials they are facing – because we ALL struggle to finish. Please don’t fall into the comparison trap!

We have a Great Helper, the BEST teacher ever, who has given you every tip, talent and trick in the book to be the awesome teacher that you are. Lean on him, HE IS ABLE! And in your weakness, trusting in him, you are made strong.

So if you’re nearing the end of the school year, and those last few pages of the workbook aren’t filled out, (and you would just be doing it for “the mark”), give yourself a break. Take time to encourage your children, build them up, bless and ENJOY them! You work hard, momma. And so do your kiddos! You all deserve a pause, a breath of fresh air – you won’t regret it if you do take it.

keekers riding bike

Pray together, then hit the park, plan a playdate, ride some bikes, ENJOY the time you have and leave the books behind for a bit. They’ll still be there when you’re done (whether you decide to finish them or not :D).


Lauren is a homeschooled student turned homeschooling mom of 4 residing in the great frozen (though finally beginning to melt!) northern province of Ontario, Canada. Her passions are teaching her children the truth of God’s word through his creation and his-tory, spending time together as a family and outdoors, learning how to be more creative, and giving glory to God. She blogs their adventures at