Fishy Fallacies Evolutionists Use To Scam The World

Fishy Fallacies Evolutionists Use to Scam The World

Fishy Fallacies Evolutionists Use To Scam The World

By: Larry Blythe, Apologia Academy

It is more important now than ever before to choose your curriculum wisely when teaching creation and evolution at home.

There I stood staring at the “whale evolution” display in the National Museum of Natural History (a fraudulent title:  “nature” cannot do anything. To say something like “natural selection” is a fallacy because ‘nature’ cannot choose) frustrated that what I was looking at actually does not exist. I stood on top of one of the displays and began to point out the many false statements, drawings, and displays to the people standing around. Ok, I did this in my mind not wanting to be escorted from the premises. So I decided to keep quiet.

Evolutionist Richard Dawkins said “Evolution has been observed. It’s just that it hasn’t been observed while it’s happening.” (, 3 December, 2004). What? Mr. Dawkins believes, like most evolutionists that we are descendants of ape-like ancestors, apes are descendants of more primitive animals, living things share common ancestors, and evolutionary changes (mutations, natural selection) give rise to new species, etc. Basically from goo to you via the zoo.

So where is the evidence? Where can we find life from non-life? Transitional fossils? The geological column (the published column doesn’t actually exist anywhere in the world). New species appearing? Beneficial mutations? Increasing complexity in living organisms?

David Stone, Ph.D. physics said ““Evolution does not warrant being called a theory or a hypothesis…A theory arises when a hypothesis has stood up to repeated tests under a wide variety of conditions and cannot be broken. Evolution warrants neither term. Evolution qualifies as a philosophical, even a religious idea, void of scientific support, and intended to replace biblical truth with stories…evolution cannot rightly be called a ‘theory’.” (Dr. Stone, e-mail to David Cloud, August 21, 2011).

Fishy Fallacies Evolutionists Use

Although there are hundreds of “fishy fallacies evolutionists use,” let me mention just a few.

  • The Miller-Urey Experiment. Unfortunately for evolutionists, life was not created in the lab. If they had been successful it would have actually been evidence for intelligent design, not microbes-to-microbiologists evolution since it took intelligent humans in a lab of specifically designed instruments to attempt creating life.
  • Haeckel’s Embryos. Haeckel was actually a fraud yet this diagram is still included in many textbooks.
  • Archaeopteryx. Sadly for evolutionists, this fossil was a bird when it was alive, it was a bird when it died, and it is now a fossil bird and not a missing link between reptiles and birds. He’s not an ancestor of the modern bird but a 100% bird.
  • Whale evolution. Once again, deception guides the pseudo-scientist as he creates grand creatures from bone fragments. “Evolutionary educators continue to promote human and animal evolution stories as fact, based on very fragmented ‘evidence’.” (

This article is intended to challenge you to dig deeper. For more information on these and many more deceptions evolutionists use, visit and These are also great sources for excellent curriculum. Visit for science curriculum for elementary through high school students.

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