At the Cross – a Final Word Pattern Sort

At the Cross - a FREE Final Word Pattern Sort | Teach Them Diligently

With Easter’s arrival, I thought it would be appropriate to share a final word pattern sort based on the cross. (Click HERE to download.) The Lord kept bring the word cross to my mind as I prayed about what to share with you. This word sort is developmentally appropriate for a child who already knows how to spelling short vowel patterns as well as blends (such as cl and st) and digraphs (such as sh and ch), which typically happen around the first grade. This sort would also be appropriate for older children who are in this developmental stage of spelling.

Final Word Pattern Sort Directions:

  • Print the word sort (pg. 2 of download).
  • Ask your child to cut apart the words.
  • Take out the -ss, -ff, and -ll cards.
  • Shuffle the words.
  • Read all the words together, making sure your child knows how to decode each word as well as the meaning of each word.
  • Lay out the -ss, -ff, and -ll cards at the top of your work space.
  • Ask your child to read each word, then sort them by their final spelling pattern.
  • Use page 3 to have your child write the words by their spelling pattern.

Teaching Kids to Spell: A Developmental Approach to Spelling by Becky Spence

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