Dominance, A Determining Factor For Learning


Dominance is a huge determining factor in the brain’s ability to store and retrieve information.  In order to be neurologically efficient (like a defragged computer),  your brain must be neurologically organized – one hemisphere must dominate and coordinate your storage system.

The determination for dominance starts with the hand.  Hand dominance is genetically predetermined and should not be encouraged one way or the other.  It should emerge by the time a child is 3 to 8 years of age.

If an individual is right handed it is much more efficient for the right ear, eye, and foot to be dominant as well.  If left handed it is best to be completely dominant on the left side.

To be right eared or eyed does not mean that you have better hearing or vision in your right; it means that your right directs which hemisphere of the brain information is stored.

For more information about dominance testing and what to do if your child is mixed dominant check out this article from Little Giant Steps.

Find in-depth information in our free webinar Learning Struggles – When the Foundation Needs Repair”. The dominance discussion starts about “minute 37” in the presentation but to get the whole picture of brain organization.

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