Do you ever feel like there’s too much going on?

It is SO easy to get overwhelmed!

It’s funny. People often comment that I seem to have it all together. I actually just got a text about 10 minutes ago from a mama noting that she doesn’t know how I handle four children when one has her stretched thin. My answer to her, and to anyone who makes a comment like that, is that I have an amazing helper in my husband (and of course, that God is gracious beyond words to us!)

Let me explain what I mean by that comment about David. Those who know us well would probably all say that I am the organized one in our marriage, and in a way they are right. I set up things differently than David does, and I tend to notice details that he would generally miss in his “big picture world.” But so often, I get so bogged down in those little details that I miss the big picture all together.

God put us together to complete one another. We noted early on in our relationship that we were each other’s “other half,” (Even the inside of his wedding ring notes that fact. 🙂 ) but the deeper into our marriage we get, the more clear that fact becomes.

I could write books on how we complete one another in God’s great plan, but this week, I wanted to share something David put together that is honestly an offshoot of a lot of conversations he has had with me through the years.

When I get overwhelmed…
When I get discouraged…
When I lose my way in all the various things vying for my attention…

He is the one person who can ground me. He reminds me of what is really important… and often, he always reminds me that ‘you eat an elephant one bite at a time.” 🙂 (He’s full of wisdom like that…)

Not too long ago– maybe about this time last year when I was swimming in Christmas prep and Teach Them Diligently prep and homeschooling and parenting and basketball season and church responsibilities, and… David and I started working through some principles that we prayed would help us be better equipped and able to do what God has called us to do.

Unbeknownst to me, David felt led to compile the general ideas in some of those conversations into an assessment and an email series. I read it earlier this week, and it. is. incredible! As one who has benefited from his wisdom and insight for years, I really encourage you to check this out, for he shares with you many of the things he has shared with me through the years when I get the most undone. He will walk you through some foundational principles for being more productive, keeping your eye on the main things in your life, guarding your health, etc. It’s insanely practical, and I know it will be incredible helpful.

How I hope you will take a couple of minutes tonight to check out the productivity assessment and start that “conversation” with David. At this time of year, it’s so easy to become overwhelmed and even lose sight of WHO we are really celebrating right now in the midst of the busyness. I sincerely believe this will be a huge help to you, and I pray God uses it greatly.

Click Here To Learn more About The Productivity Assessment and Start The Conversation

Joining You In This Journey!

Leslie Nunnery

PS– I would love to hear from you about a way that YOUR spouse is a great completer for you. Sometimes, I think it’s easy to forget how perfect God’s plan for us really is, and how clearly we can see that in our marriages if we aren’t too distracted to look for it. Take a few minutes this evening to think about those things your spouse really helps you through. Thank him or her… then you can send me an  email to tell me about it. I’d love to rejoice with you as I read your testimonies of God’s grace in this way! 🙂