Defining Moments…..Learning to Ask for Help

We all have them…..those times in our lives that really define who we are, where we’ve been, and where we will go.  The happy and sad moments which typically pop out at us when we rewind our lives and take a second to reflect.  As I ponder these last 20 years since I became a mom, I realize that my times are truly in His hands.  My loving Father sent specific moments in time to either confirm to me that I was on the right path or  help me redefine the direction He had for me.  Isaiah 30:21 And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it,….

I’m the type of person that enjoys orderliness and structure.  Although I’m not a proponent of germs and unhealthy conditions, I tend to handle a little dirt in the corners much better than cluttered counter tops. When our oldest was 4, I dove into homeschooling him with as much zeal as I had when I was teaching in the traditional classroom.  Bulletin board figures donned the room, and handwriting charts were perfectly aligned across the wall giving our school room a unique crown molding.  Crayons, worksheets, counting beans, and paper shapes were all neatly stacked in bins.  And even though I had a toddler and infant in tow, life was pretty smooth. But as anyone will tell you, all good things come to an end.   As the kids got older life got busier, and I found I was having a hard time balancing 3 different levels of education.  Lesson plans, grading, teaching, plus nightly preparation was giving me adrenal overload. My idyllic homeschool scene was looking a bit chaotic.   Compounding the problem was the increasing realization that my oldest was just a few years away from junior high, and I knew that if we stayed on the current path, my kids would not be ready for the advanced education I envisioned for them.

Then I had one of those defining moments.

I realized that in order for me to give my kids a thorough education, I was going to have to stop trying to keep all the proverbial plates in the air.  I had to admit that I needed help!  I didn’t want to limit their education to what I knew. Sure, I had taught them how to read, but could I teach them Chemistry?  Could I equip them with a transcript that would open any college door for them?  My husband and I prayed….we prayed long and hard.   James 1:7 If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God….

Since we were already using BJU Press textbooks, we decided to look into their distance learning program.  With trepidation we signed up. At first I was skeptical. Would there be a place for me?  I was thrilled when I sat through the orientation lessons and heard the teachers verbalize that their desire was to be my support system.  In order for the program to work, the distance learning teacher needed me to be the “hands on” component in the classroom.  My role changed to mentor, administrator, chief grader, and occasional tutor. This role change gave me time to focus on the rest of our day.  Little by little order began to return and with that order joy came as well. We were laughing again! We were all mesmerized with the educational quality and impressed with how engaging the classes were.  My kids were learning to analyze and solve problems….something that the Bible refers to as discernment.  Scripture integration and a Biblical worldview were prominent in every class.  BJU Press distance learning is like having your own specialized tutors!

I have two homeschool graduates now with one student still at home.  My two oldest are currently attending the college of their choice, and both were on the dean’s list this past quarter. I am confident that the success they are having in the college classroom is directly related to that defining moment in my life when I realized that it was okay to ask for help.


Homeschool Convention ConsultantMandy Breeden is a pastor’s wife, homeschool mom of 3 children, and a homeschool convention workshop speaker.  She is also a HomeWorks Consultant with Precept Marketing, the company that represents BJU Press  products at Homeschool Conventions across the country.  She is always open to opportunities to help families determine if any of BJU Press’s products would be a blessed addition to their home.  Please feel free to visit her web page at, and ask her about the BJU Press $99 Online Special….now through Dec. 19th. You can also visit BJU Press’s main web page,, for more information on this sale!