What to Do When Curriculum is Not Working

It is January.

What to do when curriculum isn_t working

That dreaded month after we realized we may have spent too much on the holidays.

It might also be that time of the school year when we reevaluate what works and doesn’t work for us as a homeschooling family.

Maybe you spent a fortune on a curriculum and you are just not happy with what it teaches or your kids are in tears every single day.

I did this for years with a specific curriculum but since I spent so much money, I didn’t feel like I should shop around in the middle of the year.  I was wrong.

Someone shared with me if they curriculum is not working then it is not working. A face palm moment.

However, I really didn’t have the funds to go shopping again.  A true dilemma for a lot of homeschoolers.

I have a few suggestions if you find yourself in the same dilemma:

  1. Call the publisher that you are using and see if you can get a partial refund.  Explain to them why it is not working for you.  They might have suggestions how to make the curriculum flow better for you.
  2. Try selling your unused curriculum.  Some sources that I have used are Facebook Homeschool Groups, Yahoo Groups or even local homeschool groups.
  3. Ask your local homeschooling group if they have a lending library?  Our library lets us look at the different curriculum for weeks at a time so we can see if it is really for us.
  4. Ask friends what is working for them.  This has worked for us time and time again.  Friends are real and their opinions are tried and true.
  5. Ask your friends who might have old curriculum if you can borrow their curriculum that they are not using. This one is tricky however, make sure nothing happens to theirs.
  6. Shop around on Pinterest Homeschool Boards.  I love searching Pinterest for what other TTD  homeschoolers, might be using or doing. It is easy to get overwhelmed by all the ideas, so be cautious and only do what is feasible for your family.
  7. Pray!  The Lord who is the ultimate resource – a teacher of the finest caliber in every sense, He designed and made everything.  He definitely can give you the resources to teach your students.

I hope you don’t find yourself in this dilemma but it does happen.  You are not alone.

Be encouraged.

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