FREE Color by Word Pattern- Winter Theme

FREE Color by Vowel Pattern Pack- Winter Theme | Teach Them DiligentlyDo you have elementary-aged kids that like to color? My oldest (in 2nd grade) especially likes it and often feels left out when I print coloring activities for the younger three. Coloring pages for older kids that work on literacy skills are a bit tricky to find. So, I followed my son’s lead and created a Color by Word Pattern Pack with a winter theme.

In this pack, you’ll find seven different coloring pages that feature word patterns. The first page starts with short vowel words (like rat, bug, and not) and was created for those young readers who need to work on short vowels. Each subsequent coloring page features a harder phonics skill, moving through blends, digraphs, long vowels, and other more ambiguous vowels (such as aw and oi).

Silent e Color by Word Pattern ExampleThe child uses the color key provided on each page to color the picture in by the phonics or word pattern. Please note that while your child might like to do all of the pages, I suggest picking the one (or two) that best fit with the developmental stage of your child. For example, if your child is working on reading words with silent e, use the sheets that feature that particular phonics skill.

Word Pattern Practice

The idea is to give kids practice reading words with specific phonics or word patterns. Learning to read and spell by phonics pattern is key for young readers and writers. Tons of words are spelled using the most common word/phonics patterns, like the ones I included in this printable chart, so your child will encounter these word patterns a lot when reading. For example, if a young reader can understand that the ai in rain makes the long a sound, she can look at a word like braid and figure it out by the ai pattern. Knowing the word pattern ai helps her to read AND spell the word (and most other words that contain ai).

To download this Winter-Theme Color by Word Pattern Pack, click HERE!

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