Choosing “Just Right” Books for Readers

How to Choose "Just Right" Books by Becky Spence

“Just right” texts. They are vitally important for readers. The kind of texts that help a child to grow as a reader are developmentally appropriate texts. This means they need to be “just right”; not too hard or too easy. This is true of all readers. But what constitutes a “just right” book or reading level? For starters, the child needs to be able to read most of the words independently (without help). Comprehension is also a very important factor. The child needs to be able to understand and make sense of the words she is reading.

How exactly do you figure out what books are “just right” for your child/children? How do you know if she can read enough of the words correctly or if her understanding of the text is adequate? That is exactly what Becky’s book, How to Choose “Just Right” Books: Helping Kids Grow as Readers is all about. In it, you will find creative tips and practical advice for choosing “just right” books for your child/children. Although Becky Spence has an M.Ed. in Elementary Reading, it is written in a clear, easy-to-understand format, perfect for anyone who is currently teaching a child to read.


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HeadshotNew-150Becky Spence is a homeschooling mama to four little blessings who keep her on her feet {and knees}. She is passionate about teaching, specifically literacy. She is the author of This Reading Mama, where she shares reading and writing activities as well as free literacy curricula and printables. You can connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google +.