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Top 10 Homeschooling High School Biology Curriculum Choices

*This page may contain affiliate links. For more information please see our disclosure page/privacy statement for more information. It’s time for high school science and first up is biology. Homeschooling through high school can be a challenge but it’s worth it! There are great curriculum options out there to help carry your load and teach […]


Top 10 Homeschooling High School Government & Economics Curriculum Choices

Are you ready to teach your homeschooling high schooler about the ins and out of government, civics, and economics? Homeschoolers excel in this area. The curriculum choices available for your teen are excellent and varied. Whether you are looking for a full online series or more of the living books ideal this top 10 list […]


Top 10 Online Favorite Homeschool Academy Choices

What are my options to homeschool online? Years ago I would have blinked and given you a blank stare with the only options being the public school. Now we have a broad variety of options and families that have tried out everything from a full academy setting to a more class-by-class style. You can homeschool […]


Vacation with a Vision

No matter when you go, or how you go, or even where you go, vacations are a great way to rest and recharge with family. They can mean even more if you endow them with vision. This year, get the most bang for your buck by asking the question: What could we do that would […]