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Enjoyable, Exceptional, Free Color by Vowel Winter Pack

Do you have elementary-aged kids that like to color? My oldest, when in 2nd grade especially liked it and often felt left out when I printed coloring activities for the younger three. Coloring pages for older kids that work on literacy skills are a bit tricky to find. So, I followed my son’s lead and […]

god's love through bible sort

Teaching Kids about God’s Love with Engaging Bible Activity

Love. It’s a very popular subject any time of year. If you stopped people on the street and asked them, “What is love?”, you are sure to get a plethora of answers. But the world has a very skewed view of love. And they are very vocal about them. Just turn on the secular radio […]

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Teach Children Time Management & Responsibility

Free Printable Responsibility Chart With all the freedom that comes with homeschooling, it’s valuable to incorporate some structure into your home to help your child learn skills like time management and responsibility. A great way to do this is by using a daily responsibility chart. Fill out the printable chart below from Alpha Omega Publications […]


Timely Tips for Surviving the Winter Homeschool Blues

The holidays are almost over, and today is the first day of winter.  Schoolwork and school days seem to extend farther into the future than you can see. The days ahead seem like they are dragging on for what seems forever. That’s when you need  tips for surviving the winter homeschool blues. Sometimes it is […]