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4 Ways Homeschooling Differs from Traditional Schools

At some point on the homeschool journey, many parents make the mistake of forgetting that homeschooling does not need to look like public school. In fact, many of you probably stopped sending your child to a public or private school because something about traditional schooling wasn’t working. So we’re here to remind you: there are […]


How a Growth Mindset Can Dramatically Change Your Homeschool

The conversation about growth mindset versus fixed mindset is an important one for anyone involved in homeschooling a child. These concepts have become more well-known thanks to the research of Dr. Carol Dweck and her colleagues. A world-renowned Stanford University psychologist, Dr. Dweck set out to study the effect that failure has on students. Here […]

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What Parents Need To Know About Choosing A Fine Art Teacher

Many homeschool students are interested in learning more about art but don’t know where to start when it comes to finding the right teacher.  You don’t need to look hard to find many enthusiastic art teachers ranging from junior high school age and up. But, how do you find one that will give your children […]


Five Mistakes That Keep Aspiring Artists From Success

I have seen it many times! An aspiring artist, with a promising future, fails to produce what they are capable of. Why does this happen? How can someone who loves art and wants to succeed end up falling short of their potential? Why is it that some who are not naturally talented go farther than […]

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