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Homeschool Encouragement and Family Fun at Teach Them Diligently Washington, D.C.

When we heard the announcement at the Teach Them Diligently Conference in Spartanburg, S.C last year that Teach Them Diligently was planning to have a conference in Washington, D.C. in 2014, we were thrilled. We had been so blessed by the conference that we were making plans to attend again and the new location was […]

Changing Values

Photo: © Changing Values Quoting from “The Value of Education” Written by Blackwood from the Sanders New Third Reader, 1869 “Every person should have his head, his heart, and his hands, educated. Let this truth never be forgotten. By the proper education of the head, he will be taught what is good and what is evil, what […]

Lasting Legacy

A Lasting Legacy – Algebra

The word “legacy” comes from the Latin “legare”, meaning “to bequeath”. Of course,  that generally brings to our minds, an inheritance, in the form of money, or property. As parents, I am sure we will be bequeathing something to our children. Will it be of any  more value than the material goods we have acquired? […]

Words vs. Stories: Why Fancy Word Arrangements Don’t Make a Story

Daniel Schwabauer, award-winning novelist, and creator of The One Year Adventure Novel and Cover Story Writing, is passionate about teaching young writers how Story works. Here he shares why kids need more than perfect paragraphs to communicate meaning. The more I write, the more I value story over words. I started dreaming of becoming a […]