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Preparing to Enjoy Teach Them Diligently With Your Children

This article was originally posted in March of 2012. Are you getting as excited as I am?  We are just a little over a week away from attending what I believe will be the best homeschool conference of the year.  When my husband and I first found out about Teach Them Diligently several months ago […]


Foundation of All Learning

Hi there!  Jan Bedell, The Little Giant Steps’ Brain Coach here to introduce you to The NeuroDevelopmental Approach to Life. “The what?” you might ask. Let me explain, it’s really easy once you break it down.  “Neuro” means having to do with the brain.  You already know about “development” – to cause to grow or […]


Homeschooling Through A Move Or Transition– And Exciting News For Military Families!

By: Laura Prater, Awe Filled Veteran’s In just about 30 days, we will be in Rogers, Arkansas for the first Teach Them Diligently conference of the spring! I am so excited about attending the conferences and speaking on behalf of our wonderful military families! I come from a military family beginning with my grandpa and […]

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Tips for Writing a College Entrance Essay

Applying to colleges can be a long and exhausting process. Most schools require an application, standardized test scores (the ACT or SAT), high school transcripts, and some universities may even require essays. These essays generally involve asking the student to answer questions about their lives and are used to measure writing ability, communication skills and […]