Boys and Books

The facts are these:

Boys take longer to learn to read than girls do. Boys read less often. Girls tend to comprehend better than boys do.

14-year-old boys listed these as their top obstacles to reading:

  •    Boring/no fun: 39.3%
  •    No time/too busy: 29.8%
  •    Like other activities better: 11.1%
  •    Can’t get into the stories: 7.7%
  •    I’m not good at it: 4.3%

Choices of reading material

Boys read less fiction than girls. Boys are more inclined to read informational texts. Some boys are passionate about fantasy. Boys tend to enjoy escapism and humor.

What can we do about this?

Be aware of the differences between boys and girls when it comes to reading, and then provide boys with plenty of the kinds of books on topics they care about, from the time they are very young.

365 C

Usborne Books & More  has the absolute best selection of these types of books: non-fiction, informational books of all kinds and all reading levels with lots of pictures and internet links.  We have fantasy (Sword Quest), escapism (Knight’s and Pirate Handbooks), and humor (joke books). Two recent serial novels:  Conspiracy 365 and The Last 13 have been huge with boys.  Real life biographical stories of heroes, spies and true stories of survival, war and adventures particularly appeal to boys of all ages.

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