Birth to Five – The Pivotal Years!

With the exception of teaching a few colors, numbers, and maybe some letters, most people don’t even start thinking about educating their children until they are 4 years old. However, ages birth to five are probably the most important years in your children’s lives directly affecting their educational future.


Research shows that a child learns more fact-for-fact in the first three years of life than in all the rest of their life combined!  Think about it, everything from understanding the feel of sand vs. finger paint, learning about gravity to acquiring a full language are facts that are assimilated in the amazing first few years.

At birth a child is one step above a coma. Your job, as a parent, is to help her see, hear, smell, taste and better understand touch in the world around her. A brain training specialist (neurodevelopmentalist) like me helps parents to see that specific stimulation to the brain, will build neuro connections and those connections produce functional abilities.  For every one-hour you spend giving specific stimulation to your child’s brain, you will save five hours trying to make things happen when he is older. Don’t worry, you don’t have to sit down with your infant, 2 year old (Heaven forbid) or 4 year old for a consecutive hour.  You can utilize the three keys to stimulating a brain (frequency –intensity – duration) that you will learn at the Teach Them Diligently Conference; using those 30 seconds to five-minute teachable moments in your day to make all the difference in your child’s future.

Your job as a parentAt this workshop you will begin to understand The Best Kept Secret in Education- Auditory Processing (auditory short term memory). A child’s auditory short term memory is a skill that can be cultivated early and will provide a leg-up on a successful life whether the goal is wife and mother, like mine was growing up, or space explorer.  This auditory short term memory skill will enhance the ability to: interact socially, follow directions, remember what is read, use a phonics approach to reading, potty train with more success, attend to a task longer and many more desirable skills.

All you need is a little information so that you can create brain pathways for auditory, visual and tactile success for a lifetime of learning.  Being well-rounded with the ability to take in information through all the senses makes learning easier and allows your child to reach more of his God-given potential. After all He did give us all our senses to use.  There will be more information about developing well-rounded learners in the conference workshop – Foundations of Learning Styles.  Hope to see you there!


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Dr. Jan Bedell, aka Brain Coach™, has been a master neurodevelopmentalist for over two decades. She is the founder and president of Little Giant Steps and COB for Steps of Hope. Both organizations are dedicated to helping children, teens and adults reach their fullest God-given potential whether they are gifted, typical or challenged. Curriculum development and training programs for parents and professionals has recently earned Jan her PhD in education. Her approach to learning has been life-changing and an ongoing goal is making learning and life easier for millions of individuals. Learn more at