Big Announcement– Well, It’s Big To Me, At Least!

Throughout my entire life I have been reminded and have strongly believed that God’s plans were better than our plans– higher, greater, more spectacular. Well, I am seeing a very practical glimpse of that right now.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever consider writing a book on parenting, yet God apparently had other plans. Late this Summer, He set those plans in motion by prompting Master Books to approach me with just such an idea. God had impressed on them the need for a book about discipleship-based parenting from a homeschool mom’s perspective. They even had a tentative title in mind for the book.

As I started praying about and working, seemingly in reverse, to discover why God would choose me for this task  and what He would have me to say, a vision for this project exploded on me. The burden for Christian families that God gave David and I all those years ago was at the forefront of my mind as I studied His Word and sought His will about this new possibility. The faces of so many precious friends we have met at Teach Them Diligently through the years became very clear reminders of the importance of family, the privileged position we parents have been given, and the seemingly incessant war Satan is waging against us all.

Strangely (though honestly not surprising if you know me at all,) the thought of writing a book was not as daunting  to me as the thought of TELLING people I was writing a book. Yet, here I go, gratefully acknowledging this amazing gift God has given me, and offering many thanks to the amazing team at Master Books for following God’s leading and taking a chance on me.

I know very well that I am not up to this task, and for that I am truly grateful. I pray God uses this book mightily to encourage and equip His families, and that because the vessel is so weak, all credit and praise may God to Him alone.

So I hope you’ll be as excited by the this new book, due out in time for our Spring 2018 conventions, as I was in discovering why I was supposed to write it, and I ask you to pray for me in the days ahead as I still have quite a few words to write to finish the project. (And, of course, I hope to get to see you at TTD2018!!) 🙂