Adventures in Homeschooling BJU Press Homeschool Convention

Adventures in Home Schooling

Where is the time for fun and adventure? Are you overwhelmed with schoolwork? Are you finding that you spend more time planning than teaching most days? Do you feel that you haven’t done enough? Do you ever wonder if you are presenting everything your child needs to move on to college? These are some things that my husband and I wanted answers with our schooling.

Adventures in Homeschooling BJU Press Homeschool Convention

Over twenty years ago when my husband and I researched curriculum, we looked for a curriculum that addressed all of the above for us. I like to plan ahead, and I do not like a lot of change. When I was growing up, my family moved a lot! Every time we moved, that meant a school change, which meant a curriculum change, and that was very hard on me as a student. That left many gaps in my education, and I did not want that for my children. Therefore, we looked for something that was well planned out with educated researchers that we felt we could stick with for the duration. Sure, we knew I would need to manipulate it to our children’s needs. I learned that I did not have to change my curriculum – just my teaching style. After choosing BJU Press, I knew that our bases were covered. We no longer had to worry about content, planning, or having enough material. We were all set! Let the adventures begin!

Adventures were important to us as well as academics. Because we felt confident in our curriculum choice, we were able to explore adventures. Our oldest son loved music. His love of music and guitar led us to pre-college programs and many guitar concerts and competitions all over. Now, he is a college graduate working for a well respected company. Our second son enjoyed amateur radio and sought his radio license by the time he was 12. He began volunteering in emergency services by 14, and taught several classes on amateur radio at 14 and 15. From there he moved on to aviation and is now seeking his degree in an Aerospace Pro-Pilot program. Our oldest daughter loves sewing and cooking.  She won first place at the state fair with her first quilt at a young age. She has made several formals and won several sewing competitions through our local 4-H program. She is now a 4-H alumnus seeking her degree in Family and Consumer Science with the desire to teach one day. Our youngest daughter loves her dogs, and while still in high school at home, is pursuing training her fourth dog. She and her dogs have won many ribbons in competitions all over, including a national 3rd place ribbon.

Bob Jones University Press Home school Curriculum

Each child is different in their desires, and as they have different desires, they still need the same basic academics in order to succeed. By using the BJU Press materials and Distance Learning Classes, I was and am able to focus on making sure they are getting to do some of the fun and extra things while still maintaining a high quality education with test scores that have soared and made them all eligible for college scholarships to help out with that college expense. By choosing an organized, well-structured, well-planned, well-researched curriculum, we were able to follow many adventures through our homeschool years, both those that focused on their desires as well as those that brought us together as a family to make memories.

We have found that we have traveled by vehicle through thirty-eight states seeking out historical sites as a bonus over the last 19 years.  Anchorage, Alaska; San Antonio, TX; Boston, MA; and even Toronto, Canada, are just a few places we have had family adventures.

Home Schooling Adventures BJU Press

After three homeschool graduates, one already a college graduate and one more to graduate, I am confident that our choice so many years ago is what allowed us the opportunity to seek the desires of our children and entertain many family-time adventures while still maintaining that quality education they needed to succeed in their future endeavors for our Lord.


Joel 1:3 states “Tell ye your children of it, and let your children tell their children, and their children another generation.”


Eujeana Chism BJU Press Homeschool ConventionEujeana Chism is a homeschool mom of 4 children and a homeschool convention workshop speaker. She and her husband are HomeWorks Consultants with Precept Marketing, the company that represents BJU Press at Homeschool Conventions across the country. They are always open to speak with homeschool families about BJU Press products and determine how your family can find more time for those adventures.  Please feel free to visit her web page at and follow her on twitter at @hwpec for specials announcements.