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Abeka Academy Myths or Misconceptions?

You’d be surprised by all the wrong ideas people have about Abeka Academy. Are they myths? Or just misconceptions?

We’re here to set the record straight.

Myth #1: Your Child Will Sit In Front Of the TV All Day
Trust us, we’re the last people in the world who would want your kids glued to the TV. The reality is, Abeka Academy students watch their lessons, many of which are “interactive” in that the teachers address those students watching on video, and wait for their responses. Then they have assignments and activities to complete apart from their video lessons. Your children may practice new skills, review what they’ve learned, work on projects, show their progress to you, read to you, and more.

Myth #2: If I choose streaming video lessons, we’ll be on someone else’s schedule.
Perish the thought. It’s your homeschool, so it’s your schedule. Our streaming video lessons are the same video lessons you’ll find on our DVDs. That means you can watch them on demand, at any time day or night, as long as you’ve got access to the internet.

Myth #3: It Takes Too Much Time
For elementary school, subject lessons vary between 20 and 40 minutes, adding up to about two and a half hours per day. In middle school and high school, the lessons are around 50 minutes apiece (classes may vary), totaling around five hours daily. In other words, if your children get started around eight in the morning, they could easily be done by early afternoon, even accounting for breaks and lunchtime. Leaving you that much more time to hang out with your kids.

Myth #4: Parents Are Left Out Of Their Child’s Education
Left out?! Mom and dad are very much involved in making sure their kids are doing what they’re supposed to do, learning the lessons, mastering the skills, and progressing in their education. You listen to them read, administer tests and quizzes, grade tests, quizzes, and papers, review schoolwork with them, and more. Let there be no doubt: Abeka Academy video homeschooling IS homeschooling.

Myth #5: It Costs Too Much
According to a recent survey in Private School Review, the average elementary school tuition is over $9,200. For high schoolers, it’s over $14,000. The reality is that Abeka Academy video homeschooling is like having Christian school in your living room for a tiny fraction of the cost. Plus, you can choose the accredited option for added benefits like transcripts and a diploma for no extra cost. That’s zip, zilch, zero, nada.

Myth #6: You Have To Follow A Regular Nine-Month School Year
Ha! Tell that to the family who stretches their enrollment over the whole 12 months. Or mention it to the parents whose kids love the video lessons so much,they finish everything in six months. We only create a nine-month calendar based on your start date as a suggestion. It’s there if you want to follow it.If you choose the accredited option, the calendar will help you stay on track so your child can complete the necessary coursework within the six- to twelve-month time frame.

Myth #7: An Accredited Enrollment Is The Only Option
Nope. Not true. Accredited is just one option that we make available because of all the added benefits. (And in case you haven’t heard, the accredited option costs nothing extra.) We also offer an independent study enrollment which includes the same great videos. However, some states may require an accredited enrollment for homeschooling families, so it’s a good option to have.

Myth #8: You Have To Turn In All Your Student’s Work
First of all, you never have to submit all your student’s work. In fact, with independent study, you don’t turn in anything. What’s neat about an accredited enrollment is that parents submit some of their child’s schoolwork—like tests and papers—for Abeka to validate. It’s like having another homeschool mom double-check the work just to be safe.

Myth #9: Accredited Enrollment Means You Have To Turn In Everything By The Due Date.
Abeka Academy gives you 12 months to complete your school year. If something happens—like a family emergency, or your child needs more time—you can extend your child’s enrollment a few months for a small fee. With the accredited option dates are set for turning in certain assignments.

Myth #10: It’s Too Difficult to Keep Up With The Teacher
Let’s just pause a moment and think about this. Literally. Did you pause?Because with Abeka Academy video lessons, that’s exactly what you can do. Pause. Rewind. Watch it again. Stop and think about what’s being said. Restart the videos. You can’t do that in a regular classroom.

Myth #11: When You Use Video Lessons For Homeschool, You’re Completely On Your Own
This one is not even close to being accurate. In fact, with an Abeka Academy enrollment, you get access to an academic helpline. It’s a toll-free number you can call when your child needs a little more explanation or is having trouble with a concept. The education specialist answering your call even uses a virtual chalkboard sometimes. That’s a free app that lets you see what the specialist is writing as he or she works out a problem in real time. Pretty cool, isn’t it?
Myth #12: Using Videos “Restricts” Me From Doing What My Child Needs.
Reality? Only if you let it. In fact, Abeka Academy makes it possible for you to give your children exactly what they need. Does your son need to take breaks every 30 minutes? Then take breaks. Does your daughter need to stand up while watching lessons? Let her stand. Mix up the way they count, draw, write, read, etc. With Abeka Academy, you get a customized homeschool experience with lessons led by experienced master teachers.

Cited Source: Private School Review

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