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5 Christmas Experiences You Can Give Instead of Things

Parents love to buy toys for their children. A 2010 British study of 3,000 parents published in The Telegraph reported that parents averaged spending about $475 yearly on toys, while friends and other family members chipped in another $400 annually. As a result, the study concluded that while the average 10-year-old child owned 238 toys, only 12 were played with consistently.

This year, in an attempt to avoid wasting your money (not to mention cutting down on the clutter accumulated in your home), Alpha Omega Publications invites you to consider these five experiences you can give instead of things.


If your children are already involved in activities they’re passionate about, it might be hard to convince them that their fall soccer league or dance class is a gift, but the reality is that in most cases, those experiences aren’t cheap. Beyond the regular season or classes, however, there are usually lots of opportunities for extra summer camps. From coding clubs or pottery workshops to horseback riding or piano lessons, this gift could also be a wonderful opportunity for your child to do something new that they’ve been asking to try.


What child isn’t excited to see his or her name on something when the mailbox is opened? Ignore the fact that the magazine you loved as a child or teenager has fewer issues today and find a subscription that fits your child’s interests. When the topic is right, sometimes a fun magazine can be the trick to reigniting a love for reading.


One-time visits to attractions or museums can quickly add up for a whole family, but often, only a couple extra visits can cover the price of a season or yearly pass. If it’s a place your children love to go, you can easily maximize savings while giving your child days of entertainment and possibly education as well.


The reason vacations provide so many lasting memories for families is that you can experience so many new things together. However, hotels, food, travel, and tickets can all be costly. Find a fun way to reveal your next destination and watch the anticipation build for the upcoming family trip. On a lighter budget, purchase tickets for a concert of a favorite band or sports team in your city or closest metropolitan area.


The larger your family size, the harder it can be to find one-on-one time with each child, but a gift card to your child’s favorite restaurant or smoothie shop can be a meaningful way to show that you value that time together. Then, be sure to block out time on your schedule to share some food together and catch up on life.


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