3 ways to make History and Geography DELICIOUS!!

As the summer is getting into full swing, now is a great time to take your studies in a fun direction and explore the joy of learning together in unique ways. I wanted to share some great ideas from our friends at ABeka with you, to get your creative juices flowing!

You can turn your child’s history and geography studies into a culinary adventure anytime! Visit the Abeka blog to get three recipe ideas that’ll help.

1. Cowboy Pockets
Children learn about the people who made America great in our 2nd grade program. This recipe imagines the kind of meal a group of ranchers might have put together around an open campfire.

2. Chocolate Mousse
The Eastern Hemisphere is the focus of history and geography studies for 7th graders. With this recipe, they’ll get a taste of a traditional French dessert!

3. Orange Kumara Chips
Fifth graders learn about international lands and cultures. This yummy side dish from New Zealand can go with lots of meals. (Pssst: “kumara” is Maori for sweet potato.)

Click Here To See Recipes Now And Have  Great Time Learning and Exploring Together This Summer!

Special thanks to our friends at ABeka for sending these great ideas our way! Did you know that ABeka was very well-represented in the 2019 Homeschool Family Favorites Curriculum Guide? If you haven’t downloaded your free copy of that resource yet, what are you waiting for? Dive in now and see how your favorite curriculums did this year.