3 Benefits of Taking Dual Enrollment Classes During High School

As you start to mull over which classes to take next semester, you may be hoping to get ahead in the college admissions race. So what options are out there?

There are honors classes, Advanced Placement (AP) classes and dual enrollment courses.

How do you choose?

Honors classes often offer the same curriculum as standard high school classes but are tailored for higher-achieving students — covering additional topics or some topics in greater depth.

Advanced Placement classes (AP) prepare you for college as well as for a standardized exam for college credit. It is possible, and not unusual for a student to pass the class with flying colors and still not get college credit due to varying college requirements. It is a good idea to do the research before committing to AP classes.

Dual Enrollment courses are quite different than Honors and AP classes. Dual enrollment provides an opportunity for you to meet your high school requirements and get a head start by earning college credits while experiencing academics in a higher educational environment.

Here are 3 benefits of dual enrollment:

  1. Save Money. Often, dual enrollment courses are offered at a lower rate than the same courses taken after high school.
  2. Get a head start on college. Dual Enrollment is a great way to take college courses and get      ahead before you have even put on that cap and gown. You will find that many courses are offered online. If you plan accordingly, you could earn up to half of the credit required for an undergraduate degree.
  3. Experience higher education. Dual enrollment will give you a chance to learn what it is like to be in college. Get to know your professors and experience college early so you can be more prepared to make important decisions that will shape your future.

If you are interested in dual enrollment, talk to your parent or high school counselor or even give us a shout. Ultimately, it is important that you choose the path that is right for you.

– written by the Truett McConnell University staff


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