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Top 10 Homeschooling High School Algebra Curriculum Choices

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Algebra the foundation of a high school math program. It all starts here whether you begin in 8th grade or 9th algebra is needed for most high school graduation required credits.

No sweat right?!?

No, not really. Most of us stress, break out in a cold sweat, and twitch as we think about how can I teach my teen algebra. Thankfully others have gone before and are sharing their best experience and curriculum choices with us!

Whether you are looking for a video, online, or text oriented curriculum option you can find what you are looking for in the following Top 10 list. Our number 1 winner Teaching Textbooks has online and a textbook option. Lessons that are taught through short pithy lessons to your teen. This can be a wonderful way for you teen to learn when you feel unsure or overwhelmed by teaching a high school level math.

There is no shame here nor should there be stress in high school math. It takes time yes but you can do it! Look below and check out examples and samples for the math programs. When you find one that clicks for you and your teen embrace it.

We asked our fellow homeschooling Teach Them Diligently families what do you recommend as a High School Algebra curriculum choice? We compiled their choices about this and 39 other levels and subjects of curriculum in our FREE Homeschool Family Favorite Guide .

TOP 10 choices for High School Algebra Curriculum

  1. Teaching Textbooks Algebra Teaching Textbooks is an online/downloadable curriculum. You watch the lesson, then do the problems. It is an easy to use program that does all of the grading for you.
  2. Math-U-See Algebra  Math-U-See is designed to teach students specific skills that build as the student progresses. This systematic and cumulative approach uses a definite, logical sequence of concept instruction. The Math-U-See system is structured with step-by-step procedures for introducing, reviewing, practicing, and mastering concepts. Each lesson teaches using multi-sensory tools such as videos, manipulatives, and other resources, designed to appeal to any type of learner. With these resources, we are able to adapt to a variety of homeschool styles.
  3. Life of Fred Algebra  Never again hear the question which many math students have: “When are we ever gonna use this stuff?” or “Math is boring!”
    No other textbooks are like these. Each text is written in the style of a novel with a humorous story line. Each section tells part of the life of Fred Gauss and how, in the course of his life, he encounters the need for the math and then learns the methods. Tons of solved examples. Each hardcover textbook contains ALL of the material – more than most instructors cover in traditional classroom settings. Includes tons of proofs.
    Written by Dr. Stanley Schmidt with the intent to make math come alive with lots of humor, clear explanations, and silly illustrations that stick in the mind. The student will learn to think mathematically.
    Completion of this series prepares student for third year college math.

Help Things are Going Wrong

Have you started Algebra and things aren’t working well? Your teen is taking a lot of time needing refresher lessons? Homeschooling gives us extra time. Not just a little bit but a LOT. This might be the perfect year to homeschool all year round. That will give your teen extra time to finish Algebra and not just have hit some bare minimum test result but truly understand it.

  1. Saxon Algebra
  2. Jacob’s Math Algebra  From the website, “Master Books® is the world’s largest publisher of creation-based material for all ages including apologetics, homeschool resources, reference titles, and quality children’s literature.”
  3. Abeka Algebra  “Each grade will give you lessons for 170 school days. Your child will have engaging books written and edited by skilled, experienced Christian educators. You’ll have teaching aids, clear lesson plans, and the option of expertly taught lessons on video.”

Keeping The Scrap Paper

I know this sounds strange if you teen is working via an online or video option but scrap paper is important. I have my teens keep a working notebook for all subjects including their online math. This helps me see upon review where things might be a problem, such as not being detail oriented, columns aren’t being carefully used, toward the end of a problem their attention waivers and they get the problem wrong. Scrap paper helps you see and correct those problems promptly.

  1. DIVE into Math Algebra
  2. CTC Math Algebra
  3. Video Text Interactive Math Algebra
  4. BJU Press Algebra

Algebra is an important stepping stone to a high level math learning. Yes, you can homeschool not just algebra but all the way through high school math! Find what works for you and your teen then plunge right in. Take the time you need to accomplish true understanding not just a passing test result. Homeschooling through high school can be done and this wonderful Top 10 list will help you along the way!

Check Out the Outstanding list of runners up!

On Core Mathematics Algebra

Key to Algebra

Mr. D Math

Learn Math Fast

ACE Math PACE Series

Chalk Dust Math Algebra

Horizons Math Algebra (Alpha Omega Program)

Singapore Math Algebra

Khan Academy

A+ Interactive Math Algebra


This is just the beginning of many home education curriculum recommendations. Here is our FREE downloadable Homeschool Family Favorite Guide with many other top 10 recommendation by fellow homeschooling families.

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