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Yes, You Should Attend a Homeschool Conference

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Whew! You made it through another year! Now it’s time to relax and enjoy an inspirational weekend with the whole family. There are many wonderful events planned for homeschool families this spring at state and regional homeschool conventions. Do you wonder why  you should attend a homeschool conference?

Homeschool conventions offer:

Tips for a Successful Convention Time:

  • “If you are a newbie, stay focused on your family goals. You will be flooded with information. Have fun, glean what you can, and remember there’s always next year! Meet new people; hear your favorite homeschool speaker and enjoy the homeschooling community at large.” ~Esther P.
  • If there is no program for children under twelve years of age, leave them with grandma. (Except nursing babies, of course!) This is your time to focus on what’s important for your family next year. Focused concentration is impossible with a toddler in tow who wants to touch everything they see in the vendor hall!
  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Pace yourself as you move through the vendor halls. The books will still be there later. To avoid exhaustion, try shopping in several smaller spurts other than one big chunk.
  • Conferences are like marathons. Take breaks, eat snacks, and buy CDs of workshops you can’t squeeze in. Remember, you still have to have energy to go back to real life when it’s over!
  • Read the convention brochure, and chart your course to maintain focus on your priorities. Be prepared when  excitement takes over. Your senses will lead you in every direction! It’s okay to work your charted course and ignore the rest calling out to you.
  • Take inventory of your school supplies before you go. Vendors selling specialty papers, markers, journals and art supplies at discounted prices may save you time and money, so knowing what you need helps save money.
  • Check to see if the conference includes a used curriculum sale!
  • Make a list of your desired items, their price, and where they are available. Make a budget. Be realistic and have a ‘cushion’ dollar amount in mind for fun surprises you can’t leave without.
  • Some vendors will send books to you in the mail at no charge. It saves hauling them around.
  • Take advantage of parcel check-ins and bring a wheeled cart for getting books to the car.
  • Write down your pressing questions. It’s okay to be transparent and vulnerable! You aren’t the only one who has those nagging questions. Another mom will benefit because you ask. Take advantage of the opportunity to ask questions during workshops, at information booths, and around lunch tables.
  • Bring your husband, grandparent, and/or pastor and his wife! You will have a great time together. They  will benefit from the window into your world. It also keeps you and your spouse on the same page. Many conventions offer pastors and their wives free admission. Some conferences offer workshops especially for ministers on how to pastor the homeschool family.
  • Pray! Ask the Lord for guidance over the conference. I’ve been amazed at the guidance He has given me in buying curriculum, meeting people who had answers to my questions, and gleaning wisdom for the following year.

Don’t miss the inspiration and refreshing available at your state and regional homeschool convention this year! You don’t need to wonder why you should attend a homeschool conference. Conventions rekindle your passion for homeschooling and strengthen you in the task of discipling your children. It’s an opportunity for a life and faith-changing adventure right at your doorstep!

Watch this video for more about the regional Teach Them Diligently conventions and how to stay informed about all our exciting offerings!

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