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Like Arrows

As a homeschool community, we know the importance of family. Of faith. Of building a legacy that will far outlive us. Parenting is an incredible, challenging journey—and together we can make a great impact on not just our families, but the culture in our churches, our communities, and our world.

Because of your commitment to building up the next generation, we wanted to make sure an upcoming film is on your radar.

FamilyLife is releasing their debut feature film—Like Arrows..  Like Arrows is a compelling drama that follows one family’s journey over 50 years. From an unplanned pregnancy to a golden anniversary, Like Arrows shares the joys, tears, and challenges of parenting. It also gives a glimpse of the power of intentional biblical parenting, sharing the long-term impact on not only our children, but on generations to follow.

We believe Like Arrows can be a powerful tool for parents to find answers, encouragement, and support in the vast array of issues they encounter raising their children. Parenting is hard! We need all the resources we can get!

As a homeschooling parent, you are likely already considering the themes in the film. You have to be focused when you are both raising and educating young lives. But we have a few ideas on easy ways you can use Like Arrows as a tool to start a parenting revolution in your community.

1 – Take a friend, or offer to trade childcare with another family.  Like Arrows has a great message that all parents need to hear!  One idea is to simply invite a friend. Or offer to pay for the movie tickets (and popcorn!) for parents that are struggling. Since the film is in theaters May 1 and 3, why not trade childcare with another family so both you and your friends can have a movie date-night, with time for a one-on-one discussion after the film.

2 – Don’t go it alone!  Parenting is better with a small group. Invite them to share the movie experience with you.  Parenting is a journey, and, like iron sharpens iron, parents need to support and help strengthen each other!  Like Arrows is a great outing for your small group, and is sure to spark great conversation after the film.

If you aren’t in a small group, Like Arrows could be the catalyst to kick off a parenting group in your church or your homeschool community. Let viewing the film inspire and launch a commitment to support each other in raising our families.  If you are looking for resources, FamilyLife has an impressive 8-week “Art of Parenting” study that can be a starting point for your group.

3 – Pray! There is power in prayer! Commit to praying that God will work in the hearts of audiences across the country.  The evil one hates strong families, so we need the support of prayer warriors across the country to make sure this message of faith and family can change the course of as many families as possible.

Check out this message where the film’s Executive Producer Bob Lepine discusses the power of prayer:

4 – Tell your friends and your church family. Social media is a powerful tool to raise awareness about events like Like Arrows. Also, if your church has event bulletin boards, online newsletters, social media portals, or events calendars, those can be easy places to spread the word about the film, especially if you are hoping to start a parenting small group.  The film has a great deal of resources that can help generate interest, especially if you hope to kick off a parenting small group. You can find shareable images and other free resources for Like Arrows at

We hope you’ll see this message of hope.  We are confident Like Arrows will start compelling conversations and inspire parents to discover godly parenting principles.

For more information – check out

You can also pick up a number of helpful resources to accompany the movie when you pick up your own copy! Click here to see all those resources.

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