#TTD2017 PrepRally Facebook Party—And GIVEAWAY!

As you may know, Teach Them Diligently is an organization with a mission. Our family desires with all our heart that the Lord will use the events we produce to encourage families as they disciple and educate their children. We also pray that coming to Teach Them Diligently will be a time of refreshment and refocusing on what matters most in our lives and in our families. We have stood in complete awe as we have seen God do so many wonderful things in the lives of those who have attended, and we cannot wait to see what He has in store for 2017.

God has been incredibly gracious this year to send some amazing companies and organizations to partner with us. Not only are they behind the mission of Teach Them Diligently and eager to serve homeschool families, but without these sponsors, we simply could not afford to bring you Teach Them Diligently at the price we are able to charge for admission. I am THRILLED to be able to introduce you to them all in the days ahead!

#TTD2017 PrepRally Facebook Party!!!

Since we like to have fun with our introductions— AND since we LOVE a good party, we have decided to introduce them in style this Tuesday evening, beginning at 9 pm EST during our #TTD2017 PrepRally on our Facebook Page. We will have fun discussion, learn a lot about some amazing organizations, go on a few scavenger hunts just for good measure, and give away some AWESOME prizes! I do hope you will join us!

I will give you more specific information about how to participate in a Facebook party on Tuesday morning, but for now I want you to register for our RSVP prize— A Brand New FitBit BLAZE! (I figure we homeschool mamas move around so much, we need a good way to get credit for our steps!) :)

Make sure you mark your calendars and plan to attend the party that night— we will be giving away more than $1000 in prizes, plus a ton of freebies available to you just for attending. In addition to some great conversation, we also will be launching something new for Teach Them Diligently 2017— and you will NOT want to miss it! :)


Then, leave a comment below telling me if you think it would be fun to have a FitBit Blaze, and I’ll give you an additional chance to win it!

If you have never participated in a Facebook Party before, you have nothing to fear– and a great evening ahead of you.

Are you still a little unsure about how to Facebook Party? It’s easy!! All you need to do is to join us on our Facebook Page  a little before 9 pm and follow the conversation there. There will be times when you can answer questions to be eligible to win prizes and other times when we will just be chatting for fun. Some of the conversations will be started via a text or graphic post, but I will also be throwing in  some live video posts as well.  I like to make our parties really fast-paced, so you will want to refresh your feed often to make sure you don’t miss out. F5 will work on a PC and Command R will work on a Mac.

I cannot wait to “see” you Tuesday night!

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  • Heather Culp

    I would love to have a FitBit Blaze!

    • Aren’t they cool? I love how my FitBit keeps me so motivated to move throughout the day.

  • Kelly Beckwith Nichols

    Fitbit Blaze! Would love it!

    • I have a Surge, and I absolutely love it!! The Blaze is sleeker, though, which is why we chose that as the giveaway this time. :)

  • Martha

    I would love a Fitbit! It would help me get more active & be healthier for my kiddo :)

    • I absolutely LOVE mine! I’m hoping to get a TTD group together on FitBit at some point, so all of us homeschool mamas can encourage each other to keep on moving! :)

  • Jennifer C

    I have a Charge HR and it’s broken :( I’d love to have a Blaze to replace it!!!

    • I have a Surge, and I love it. The Blaze is definitely sleeker, though. :) Good luck!

  • Crystal Dean

    It would be great to have a fitbit! I’ve always wanted one but never felt right spending that money on myself since it is not a necessity. Thanks for this fun giveaway!

    • I KNOW! I got one from my parents for my birthday last year, and I absolutely LOVE it! When David asked what I thought we should give, the fact that a lot of us would never buy one for ourselves was a big selling point. I’m excited to see who wins. :)

  • Liz Enders

    I would love to give my hubby the blaze so I could “compete” with him every day with my Fitbit Alta ;)

    • I have been trying to talk David into getting one as well, so we could compete… BUT he’s still FitBit-less. Ah, well, I guess that means I keep bragging rights. :) Good luck!

      • Susan Willingham

        :) My son would win every time! But he’d have a ball beating me at this game.

  • Cari Bonfanti Britt

    I don’t really know much about it, but I’d be willing to learn if I won :)

    • It’s super fun to watch your steps be counted throughout the day— and then to compete with your friends in challenges and such. I love mine.

  • Melissa Slowik

    I would love to have one. It would be a great motivator to get moving!

    • It really is! I find myself walking around the house at night if I’m not quite at my goal yet. :)

  • Reina

    I’d love it for my husband! He got me Fitbit Alta for Christmas and I have been moving so much more and exercising more! Even hit my weight loss goal twice! Hubby has been running and working out with our kiddos but he has no way of tracking how many miles they run each day. fitbit would be a perfect way to know how much they are running each day as they are preparing to run a half marathon in July as a send-off for our oldest going off to college!

    • YAY!! That would be awesome! I have been trying to talk David into getting one, too, but so far he’s still FitBit-less. :)

  • Emily Culberson

    Yep, a Fitbit Blaze would be pretty awesome to have!

    • I have a Surge that I love— The motivation is pretty amazing.

  • Cathrine Robinson

    I would love, love, love to have a FitBit Blaze. Just the other day I wondered how many steps I’d actually taken that day and if they were enough. Plus, my husband’s Reserves unit issued a running challenge a while ago and I think they’ll do it again in the future. It would come in handy when that happens. :) Thanks for all you do!

    • How fun! It really is a lot of fun to watch the steps grow. I’ll even track all other exercise I do just to have it all in one place. Definitely a good incentive to keep moving.

  • Leslie Johnson

    Please!!! I would really enjoy a FitBit Blaze!

    • They’re pretty awesome! :) Good luck!

  • Susan Willingham

    Sure! Then I could keep up with my techy college student. :)

    • And that’s really important! You could start a healthy competition each week! :) (I have done that several times with my dad.)

  • Jessica Chance

    I have a Fitbit Charge, but my son is desperately wanting it. I would love to upgrade and give him mine. Then we could have challenges! What a fun way to bring us together in these tough teen years! ?

    • I did that with my daughter when my parents got me a Surge last year for my birthday. We have a blast with the challenges! Good luck!

  • Amy Templeton Willis

    Stylish & motivating! Pretty cool combo! It would be an awesome gift for busy moms reminding me to take care of myself along with my family.

    • Exactly!! It’s so important for us to stay as healthy as we can to keep up with those we love! Good luck! :)

  • Jennifer Sanger Martens

    I need motivation to keep moving! I’d have fun with the fit bit blaze!

  • Kathy Harris

    I would love to have a Fitbit! I have been saving up and trying to decide which model to get for several months!

    • YAY!! I love my Surge, and the Blaze is even sleeker! Good luck! Maybe you can save your savings for something else you need. :)

  • Jess

    I would LOVE to win!

  • Melissa Steiner

    Having movement information at my finger tip would be great motivation to push through a little more.

    • It really is a great motivator! I love mine!! Good luck to you!

  • Lisa Papadakos Gwin

    I would love to have a blaze! It would be fun to see how many steps I take running after my girls.

  • Jennifer K

    The Fitbit Blaze is so pretty! Thank you for offering such a cool prize.

  • Jillian Messenger

    I would love a fitbit Blaze! I’ve had a different one and loved it.

  • Jennifer King Briscoe

    I would love a Fitbit Blaze! I’ve been looking at them for a few days.

  • Lindsey Craddock

    I’ve never had a fitbit but I would love to try one as I start my trim healthy mama diet. ?

  • fibia

    It would be nice to have one. Another step to being active every day.

  • Melanie Kulig

    It would definitely be fun to win a Fitbit Blaze! Thanks for the chance!

  • Chelsea

    Would love the fit bit blaze to add to my healthy lifestyle journey! Thank you for an awesome giveaway :)

  • Liesl Beaton

    I would love to have a FitBit! It would motivate me and the whole family to keep up with my steps. :)

  • Sarah Fillingim

    I love my Fit it One but the Blaze has reminders to walk and a heart rate monitor, excellent additions to remind us to move and build energy :)

  • Michele Blakely

    This would be a great way to know what I do everyday (or not).

    • Michele Sifuentes

      Hello from a fellow one “L”-er!

  • Melissa

    I would love the FitBit Blaze so I can encourage myself and my children to lead a healthier lifestyle.

  • Amanda Saddler

    This would be amazing. I’m doing a weight loss challenge and this would help tremendously!

    • Awesome!! I have loved the motivation I’ve gotten from wearing the FitBit, and I am sure it would be a great tool in your challenge.

  • Tammy Furlough Stewart

    I gave my husband a fit bit for Father’s Day and now I would love to have one.

    • Just think of the friendly competitions. :) Good luck!

  • Michele Sifuentes

    Thank you for offering such a wonderful prize! I think having a FitBit Blaze would be lots of fun to have while easily providing great health information at your fingertips! ❤

    • You’re welcome. Good luck!! :)

  • Charissa Williams

    I would love to have a way to keep track of my movement each day! My husband keeps track on his phone, but I don’t always have pockets to have my phone on me all day.

    • David does the same thing, but I leave my phone all over the place. :) I have LOVED my FitBit.

  • Laura Blair

    I would love to know how much exercise I get chasing my 3 little ones!!! :)

    • I really wish I had had one when I was running after my littles. Now, though, I get to compete with my bigs as we are all getting lots of activity together. :)

  • Would love the Fitbit Blaze for some added motivation. ;)

    • I thoroughly enjoy my FitBit for that very reason. :)

  • Marie Mudd

    I have a fitbit alta. But I’d love to win this blaze for my husband so we can compete!!

  • Kara Holland

    My husband’s current FitBit is acting up and his birthday is next month. It would be awesome to surprise him with a new one! We compare our step counts and I’m usually always way ahead of him. Three children to chase around every day is good exercise but can be so exhausting, too!

  • Robin Sullivan

    I already have a Fitbit but it would be even more fun if my husband had one too!

  • Nidhi

    I would love to win FitBit Blaze for my husband. He needs motivation.

  • Paige St.Laurent

    I am still Fitbitless too! I have wanted one for so long and I’m also focusing on my health much more this year so it would be helpful to have one.

  • Rebecca Altman

    I would love a Fitbit! I’ve heard great things about them. My husband has an Apple Watch that he uses to keep up with his activity and calorie burn, so maybe this would help me compete with him! :)

  • Laura

    I just started paying more attention to my body and would love any tools to help.

    • Here! Here! I think we all can use a little help remembering to take care of us. :)

  • Sheri

    I would like to win the Fitbit to keep track of my heart rate. After going into A Fib in Dec., I was quite freaked out so this might help.

    • I use it for that reason, too. I tend to have an irregular heart rate from time to time, so this helps confirm when I feel like it’s out of sync. It has really helped me settle down when I get nervous about it but there is no racing being read.

  • Jennifer Nabors

    It would be fun to track my activity in my new healthier lifestyle! Thanks!

  • Ariel Baxter

    This would be great to help motivate me to move more – and it looks nice too!

  • Melissa Acee Franklin

    I am very curious to see if I am more sedentary than I think I am ! Of course, it would be fun to have a Fitbit so I could know ?

  • Jennifer Bell

    It would be fun, but I’d love to win it for our Facebook leader in our homeschool community.

  • Sam Michael

    I would love to see how much I actually travel around in our little apartment!

  • Charissa Arp Rice

    It would be so much fun to win! It is so pretty!

  • Tonya Brewer

    I would love to get my husband the blaze! We would make it a game to compete! So fun!

  • Kristen Jarvis Keeling

    Oh my gosh! How awesome would it be to get healthy so I can keep up with my husband & kids making memories as a family!

  • Ashley

    It would be fun to see how much more active I could be…. it would encourage me to move more and to challenge myself…

  • Jen Brown

    I would love a FitBit Blaze! I’ve always wondered how much I actually walk at #TTD. If I had a FitBit I would know!

  • Theron

    Looking forward to the party

  • Sheri Hughes

    I would love the Fitbit Blaze!! I’m a runner, outside the home, as well as in the home! ?

  • Hope Flowers

    I would love a Fitbit Blaze! We are constantly on the go and I would love a way to help keep up with my movement!

  • Pamela F

    It would be a lot of fun to be able to track steps and keep moving toward a healthy lifestyle!

  • Jaimee Duncan

    Would love to win this so I can challenge my daughter!

  • Jeremiah N Judith Moyers

    Looks like fun.

  • Rana Jeree

    i think the fitbit is amazing for workouts and achievements

  • Jen G

    I think it would be so much fun to have a FitBit Blaze. I have been working hard to lose weight and get back into shape. This would be such awesome motivation to keep going. Thank you!

  • DeAnn Goodell

    Never tried a FitBit, but looks like a fun way to stay in shape. Great for homeschool fitness!

  • Dashan!

    Would it be fun to have that little toolie? Suuuuuure! Maybe it could help me be on time too!?!? …or at least track how much effort I make trying. ?

  • Susanna Holcomb

    Would be fun to win the blaze as it is not one I would purchase for myself!

  • Teri Johnson

    I would so love to win the fitbit blaze. It looks like a great watch and keeps me aware of my excercise level. I call that a win win!

  • Jennifer Smith

    Spending my days teaching my children often means I lose sight of meeting my own health needs. Winning this FitBit would be a perfect way to set reminders to me to *get moving*!

  • Mellissa

    Would be fun to have the blaze and then I could pass my basic one down to my oldest girl! ?

  • Kristi Bundick

    Would love a new FitBit!!!!!

  • Colleen P

    I think it would be fun to track how much we run around as a homeschooling family. Looking forward to tonight’s party.

  • Rhonda Dimsdale

    It would be fun to win it!

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