Staying At A Teach Them Diligently Hotel Is A Great Decision!

Choosing to stay at one of the Teach Them Diligently host hotels is a GREAT decision– and will prove to be a very economical one as well!

Teach Them Diligently Host Hotels


The Teach Them Diligently family-friendly host hotels not only offer families a great lodging experience, but they also give our families a lot of flexibility that is lost when you choose to stay offsite.

What Are Some Practical Benefits For Staying At  A Teach Them Diligently Host Hotel, You Ask??

Here are Just A Few…

  • Time – No daily commute in morning rush hour traffic
  • Parking – No daily parking issues and a long walk from your vehicle
  • Weather – And if it rains, you’ll stay dry all day!
  • Great Rates – We negotiate the best possible rates, which in some cases is over $150 off the hotel’s regular rates. 
  • Rest– Staying onsite allows for rest between sessions, giving you and your children time to exhale a bit if they (or you!) get overwhelmed with the busyness of the day. And after the day is done, it’s so nice to be able to go straight to your room, not having to walk to the car and brave the traffic leaving the convention center.
  • Meals and Snacks– This is one of the biggest money-savers! At any moment, you can choose to go back to your room for meals and snacks. If you have a crock-pot meal, you can just head back to your room, enjoy your meal, and mentally go back over what you’ve learned that day. Most of our host hotels do have a mini fridge in each room, but at a few there is limited availability. Please check with the hotel ahead of time if that is not noted on the hotel page. Our family often travels with a large cooler as well as bags of staples such as cereals, breads, mixes, and snacks. We keep our cooler filled with ice to keep our meals and snacks cold while we’re at the hotel.

Exciting New Offering For 2017!



Now is an excellent time for me to share a new addition available this year! Erin Chase from $5 Dinners will be having prep classes for kids in the Teach Them Diligently vendor hall. They can sign up to make crock-pot meals for the whole family to enjoy!

Basically your kids will make a crock-pot meal on Thursday evening, you will keep it cool overnight, then you and your family can enjoy the meal on Friday, courtesy of your young chef. You can find out more information at MyFreezEasy.



Other ideas for meals and snacks to eat in your room


Instant oatmeal (using hot water)

Cereal & milk

Fruit and yogurt

Granola bars


Hard-boiled eggs


Veggies & dip

Cottage cheese

Granola bars


Bring baggies to portion snacks out for each person to take to the convention. This makes them neat and easy to consume on the go.

Lunch & Dinner



Sandwiches (chicken salad, PB&J, egg salad)

Instant rice (using hot water)

Easy Mac and Cheese (Using hot water)

Pre-cooked grilled chicken

Pre-prepped crock pot meals

Don’t forget condiments, paper plates, napkins, cups, bowls and plastic utensils (for easy clean up)! It is also helpful to bring a small bottle of dish soap for things that need to be washed.

 Staying at a host hotel will definitely enhance your overall experience. Unless you find a hotel room for significantly cheaper, we firmly believe our host hotels will be your most economical choice!  Check them out on each site’s page.

Here Are Some Helpful Articles To Give You Even MORE Ideas and inspiration About How To Save While Staying At A Teach Them Diligently Host Hotel 

Ask the Readers: Food You Can Fix in a Hotel Room

Ask the Readers: Food ideas for a road trip?

Freezer to Slow Cooker Meal Ideas

Below is an article that Heather Laurie, one of our favorite speakers, wrote back in 2015. She offers some helpful insight in to meal planning and saving money during a convention.

Frugal Travel Conventions on a Dime


Since many of you will be traveling to the conventions with your children, we also wanted to point you to a Pinterest board we created with LOTS of great ideas for traveling with kiddos– many of these will also prove to be great ideas for your kiddos to enjoy during sessions if they are not in the children’s program.

We simply cannot WAIT to see you in 2017! If you have not registered yet, click here to do so now! Want to know why Teach Them Diligently exists in the first place? Great! Click here to get the scoop. Wondering what you stand to gain as a home educator by attending a Teach Them Diligently event– I think you may be surprised! Click here to find out!

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