Free Historical Audio Dramas for your Homeschool!

Maybe it’s just me, but by this time in the semester, I always seems to get a bit restless. Though I love routine, by November, I am often ready to try something a bit new– mix it up a bit!

My friends Hal and Melanie Young of Raising Real Men have come to my rescue (and yours!) once again by providing a series of Hero Tales by Theodore Roosevelt Audio Recordings for our families. FREE!! I have loved listening to these, and I know you will as well!


These are great stories to incorporate into your history time, ride around in the car time, rest time, or any other time! They are short and fast moving stories of bravery from our country’s past.

Make your plans to hear Hal and Melanie Young at Teach Them Diligently 2017

Head on over and download your copy of these Hero Tales today! And, Make your plans to visit with Hal and Melanie in person at Teach Them Diligently 2017! I am SO GLAD to have them joining us again, and I know you will be thoroughly blessed and encouraged when you hear them speak– or just hang out at their VERY COOL, VERY BOY booth!! :) CLICK HERE TO SECURE YOUR FREE AUDIO DRAMAS!

Click below to find out if Teach Them Diligently is indeed PERFECT for your family (I really, truly think it is!) AND Get a free audio download for Mom as well!! Rachael Carman’s Seven Simple Steps To Sanity may well be the perfect encouragement for your heart this month as well! :)


Session Description for Seven Simple Steps To Sanity, by Rachael Carman–Ever feel like you are about to lose your mind as a stay-at-home mom? There is so much to do and so little time. How do you balance it all? How do you know what to do and what not to do? Learn to laugh at yourself as you see how insane our culture makes us and how peaceful walking circumspectly by faith with God can be.

But wait, there’s even more free audio available to you!! :) Check out this post from last month to also secure a free sample of Israel Wayne’s Full Time Parenting! You will DEFINITELY be glad you did!!

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