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The Lord Provides

The Lord Provides

Two of the numerous things that I love about homeschooling is we get to practice what we teach and we get to live by example to our students 24/7.  Sometimes that means we have have to learn difficult life lessons.

(Thank the Lord for His grace!)

One of the harder teachings we are learning right now would be completely putting our trust (including finances) in the Lord.

We strive to live below our means and pay cash for most things.   That doesn’t mean we go without the essentials. It means we have to be creative in using up what we already have and praying that the Lord will direct our steps.

This past Thanksgiving while visiting my parents, my husband and I decided that the Lord finally gave us the thumbs up to relocate.  After 11 years of living on the border of Texas and Mexico we are planning a move that will take us up North.
(Of course, in my mind – the timing couldn’t be more difficult.  This trip has been anything but planned out.  I like plans.)

But, let me share how the Lord has worked out the details:
(I just love a good testimony, don’t you?)

We came back home the following Monday and my husband called his boss inquiring about a job position in Northeast Texas (close to where the Texas Teach Them Diligently conference will be held.)  His boss told him that he would call him back after making some phone calls.

Not even an hour later, his boss called back and told him that there was going to be a position opening up in early March and if he wanted the job, they wouldn’t even open it up for anyone else.

BUT there was bad news, since it was our choice to move, they wouldn’t pay moving expenses.  I just knew that my husband’s company would pay for our move.  He has been a faithful employee for over 13 years and they paid for our previous move.

I think I prayed whined something like this…

God why?!  This is YOUR plan.  We know YOU want us to move – please God!
Why aren’t you doing the one detail that would make our life so much simpler?


Ever have those kind of whiny prayers?

If He would have answered my prayer, some good things would not have transpired.   I love His timing so much more than my instant gratification prayer.

One of the main reasons, I’m glad He didn’t answer my prayer is that I have sold tons of our “junk” on a Facebook Garage Sale page.  I mean loads of unused, space taking, stress filled clutter that I have collected over the years.  Seriously, this alone has brought me some relief and orderliness plus some moving cash.

Then I had put a plea out on my personal Facebook page something like this…

“We are moving, if you have any extra boxes we will be glad to take them off your hands.”

A friend who never gets on Facebook, actually saw my post.  She had just had a friend move into our area and her friend had just told her right before she saw my post “If you know of anyone who would like these moving boxes, I’d like to give them away.”

She called me and I gladly took them.  It took my son and I three trips to obtain them all.

Another friend saw the exact same Facebook post.

He said something like “I have a Uhaul truck just sitting in my yard if you need it.”

Who has a Uhaul truck sitting in their yard?

Well, now we do.  For as long as we need it.  That means we can even use it as storage later down the road.

Plus, when we went to go get the “BUBBA” truck as we call it, my brother just happened to mention to me in a text, “I have a trailer, if you would like that too?”

How awesome is that?!

I love how the Lord provides even the simplest requests.

We have no idea where our future house is going to be or even when our house is even going on the market.

The Lord does.

I love that He loves my family more than I do.  I love seeing Him work things out to His Glory.

Blessed be His name!

Want to know something else – our children are learning to put their trust in Him by seeing us put our trust in Him.  That is the best lesson we could give.

Blessings to you!  You are loved!

Lana at iLoveMy5KidsMy name is LANA (like banana).
Our blog is about loving Jesus, loving kids, loving others, loving food, loving DIY projects, loving travel and just loving life!  Find me over at

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Lana Wilson
My name is Lana (like banana). I’m married happily to David, who is the ultimate DIYer and also loves to reconcile bank statements. We are in our 15th year of marriage bliss. We have quite the love story that most consider odd. We have five children that we currently educate at home. They constantly prove that we have so much to learn and our lives are seasoned with God’s Grace – daily. Thankfully most days we have more laughter than tears. We are constantly remodeling our ENTIRE HOME, finding cheap ways to update an old look, Square Foot Gardening, building something out of old fence, and traveling to The World’s Largest everything. Our blog is about loving Jesus, loving kids, loving others, loving food, loving DIY projects, loving travel and just loving life!
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