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Ways to Serve Military Families

Today we celebrate Veterans Day and remember and honor those who have served our country through their military service. While we honor our service men and women, the job of military spouse or child should not go unnoticed.

Here are five practical ways you can serve military families.

Give a military discount

If you own a store or a business give service members and their spouses a discount on goods and services. Give this discount not just on holidays like Veterans Day and Memorial Day, but 365 days a year. Many military families are one income families who work hard to make ends meet every month. A discount is much appreciated.

Teach them Diligently offers free family registration for all of our conventions for all military families- If you are a military family, send us an email for more details on this special offer.


Our troops work long hours, crazy shifts, and can be separated from their families for months at a time. Offering to babysit so mom and dad can have a night out or a night off is greatly appreciated.

Be a friend

Many military families move every two to three years. When you meet a new military family at your church, co-op, or mom’s group get to know them, invite them over for dinner, or set up a play date. Most military families are pretty good at jumping right in to a new community, but being warmly welcomed makes it even easier.

 Say thanks

This almost seems silly, but I’ve heard countless stories from military friends who have been stopped in the airport, grocery store, or playground and thanked by someone they don’t know. They share these stories because your thankfulness means something. Our troops deserve every bit of thanks they receive, and their families deserve our thankfulness as well.

Our troops are able to serve because there are countless spouses holding down the fort at home. This is a hard and sometimes lonely job. Thank these families for their sacrifice.


Our troops need your prayers for protection, patience, and perseverance. Their families need our prayers too. You don’t even need to know a military family to pray for them! Pray for strong marriages and families even during times of separation.

While we recognize our military today on Veterans Day, we are thankful and appreciate our military members and their families every day of the year. Thank you! 


Some other resources you may enjoy as you seek to show your appreciation to those families serving ours so faithfully and selflessly.





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