Giving Thanks In All Things- An Opportunity for Service

Many in our communities are learning first hand this year that giving thanks in all things is not always an easy thing to do.  Let’s pray for those who are giving thanks this year in spite of circumstances and trials, knowing that the One Who called them to walk this path will never leave them nor forsake them.

Those of us who are not facing hardships or trials this Thanksgiving need to look for ways to minister to those who are. This is a very real way to model Christ’s love before our children and before those who are looking on. The opportunity to serve one another in love, right where we are, is one of the great gifts God has given His children. Serving others always makes us more grateful for what we have, always makes us more passionate in our love for the Lord, and always clarifies our vision for what we need to be doing.

To Give thanks in all things...

Let’s all find ways to serve others this holiday season, showing Christ’s love and care to our brothers and sisters and to a weary world. Each of our families can Change the World around us this way– so what are we waiting for?